Print Release for Xerox MFPs

Argos Print Release documents can be released directly from the panel of Xerox MFPs using Argos OnBoard.

Install Argos OnBoard for Xerox Print Release Components

  1. Follow our instructions for installing Argos OnBoard for Xerox
  2. Click Print Release Settings
  3. Enter admin username/password for your Xerox MFP (default is admin/1111)
  4. Click "Install client…"
  5. Click "OK"  
  6. In some cases, you must first enable extensible services on your Xerox MFP. To enable extensible services, navigate to the web UI for your Xerox MFP, then select Properties -> General Setup -> Extensible Service Setup -> Extensible Services Registration -> Edit -> Extensible Service Registation -> Enable.

Modify Configuration File

  1. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Sepialine\Argos\XeroxOnBoard
  2. Open AppServer.XeroxOnBoard.Service.exe.config in Notepad
  3. Locate this line: <add key="HostageBrokerUrl" value="http://hostnameorip:7080/holders/"></add> Replace hostnameorip with your server's hostname or ip address (e.g. <add key="HostageBrokerUrl" value="http://hercules:7080/holders/"></add>)
  4. Save and close the file
  5. Go to Start>Run and type Services.msc
  6. Restart Argos OnBoard for Xerox service

Merge Windows Queue

  1. The Windows release queue for the Xerox device should be automatically merged into the device by MAC address. Confirm that Argos Agent is running on the server or workstation where the printer spools and that the Windows queue is merged into your Argos OnBoard for Xerox MFP.
  2. If the queue does not merge automatically, simply right-click in the Printers section of Argos Manager and merge it into the Argos Onboard for Xerox adapter that it will be used to release prints with.
  3. The MFP (with release queue merged) should then be placed on a Print Release team with a hold queue that is configured according to the Print Release instructions

Your Xerox device is now ready for Print Release.

Using Print Release for Xerox

  1. Log into the authentication screen of the Xerox MFP with your PIN code
  2. Click the Argos Print Release button from the service screen
  3. Select the jobs you'd like to release and click Print Selected

To delete jobs at the panel, click Delete Selected

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