Print Release

Argos Print Release is a feature that enables Argos to hold and release print jobs on your print server for security and/or convenience. Print jobs can be "held" from one single queue and then released from any printer that uses a compatible driver and is configured with a release point.

This article relates to our recommended method, which is using a release point can be the panel of an MFP running Argos Onboard (Canon, Xerox, Konica and Sharp only).
For situations where the MFP does not support a release-capable version of Argos Onboard, you can use our mobile app on an iOS or Android device to release prints to any printer.

Creating Your Hold Queue

To begin, you first must create and configure a "hold" queue on the print server that's running Argos Agent:

  1. Create one additional print queue for the printer(s) that share the same driver and will comprise the print release "team"
  2. In the advanced properties of that print queue, check the box for Keep printed documents
  3. In the ports section of the driver properties, create a new local port called nul: and use this port for your hold queue
  4. Restart Argos Agent Service on your server and then send a test page to this "hold queue" in order to ensure that Argos is monitoring the new queue

Merging Your Release Queues

Next, you'll need to merge an active print queue from your print server into each onboard printer object in the "Printers" section of Argos Manager:

  1. Find the Windows print queue that you wish to use for Print Release in the Printers section of Argos Manager
  2. Right click on this printer object and click Merge into
  3. Use the dialog box to search for the Argos Onboard printer that you wish to use in conjunction with this print queue
  4. Select that Argos Onboard printer and click on OK

Creating the Print Release Team

Next, you'll need to create a new "Print Release Team" in the "Print Release" section of Argos Manager and add your hold queue and printers:

  1. Press the + sign in the upper left area of the Print Release Tab of the Argos Manager
  2. Give your new team a name
  3. Add your hold queue to the team using the Add button on the right side of the pane
  4. Search for the hold queue that you created and add it to the team
  5. Search for all of the onboard printers (with release queues merged) that you wish to use in conjunction with this "hold queue" and add them to your team
  6. Make sure that all of the printers on your new team have an Onboard Release Type listed except for the hold queue

Setting Up and Configuring the Argos Onboard Services

The final step will be to configure the applicable Argos Onboard service to point to the IP address of the application server that your print server was pointed at upon installation. Some of these configurations will also require that you "enable" Print Release as part of the process. (The hostname of that server will be listed multiple times in C:\Program Files (x86)\Sepialine\Argos7\Agent\Agent.Hosts.AgentService.exe.config on the print server):

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