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What is Argos OnBoard for Xerox?

Argos OnBoard for Xerox tracks walkup copies, scans and prints on "Network Accounting" enabled Xerox MFPs.

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Setting up Argos OnBoard for Xerox

To install, you will need the following

Configuring your MFP to work with Argos

Configuring OnBoard for Xerox in Argos Manager

  1. Open Argos Manager and select the Printers tab.
  2. Click the + button at the top right of the Printer Groups pane, hover over Integration, then click on the Onboard for Xerox MFP option.
  3. On the Argos OnBoard for Xerox tab, in the Printer base URL field, enter the IP address or host name of the Xerox MFP in URL format (e.g. Click Test to confirm connectivity.
  4. Select the local server running the Argos OnBoard for Xerox service. Check the boxes next to the jobs types to be tracked, Print, Copy and/or Scan.
  5. Select the radio button next to the desired authentication option, PIN code only or ID card with PIN code as alternative
  6. When authenticating with PIN code only, click the Select User Groups… button.
  7. In the User Group Push Settings window, select radio button next to Push all User Groups to upload PINs from every user to the Xerox.
  • If there are some groups to be excluded from accessing the Xerox for walkup activity OR to upload large numbers of user accounts in stages, select the radio button next to Push only selected User Groups and check the boxes next to the groups containing the user accounts to be uploaded. Click OK to save the changes.
  1. On the bottom of the Argos OnBoard for Xerox tab, click the License button to apply the connector license key; the button text should now read Unlicense (if no license is available, contact sales for a quote)
  2. Select the frequency of the PIN upload task from the Users will be pushed to MFP on a schedule drop down list. Click the Run now button to upload the PINs immediately.
  3. Click OK to close the PIN upload confirmation message.
  4. When authenticating with an ID card with PIN code as alternative,follow these steps to enable the feature in the Xerox web interface.

NOTE: With most Xerox Onboard setups, it is very important that you disable tracking on the windows/Mac queues for this printer in Argos Manager. This is to avoid double-billing from the different tracking methods moving forward.

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