Print Release for Canon MFPs

Documents can be released directly from the panel of Canon MFPs using Argos OnBoard and Print Release.

Install Argos OnBoard for Canon

Follow our instructions for installing the Argos OnBoard for Canon before continuing.

Modify Configuration File

The Canon OnBoard configuration file must be modified to enable Secure Release.

  1. Browse to c:\Program Files (x86)\Sepialine\Argos7\CanonOnBoard
  2. Open AppServer.CanonOnBoard.exe.config in Notepad
  3. Change <add key="EnablePrintManagement" value="false"></add> to <add key="EnablePrintManagement" value="true"></add>
  4. Edit <add key="PrintManagementBrokerUrl" value="http://hostnameorip:7080/holders/"></add> to have the IP address of the server running the Argos OnBoard for Canon service instead of "hostnameorip"
  5. Close and save the file
  6. Click Start > Run and type Services.msc
  7. Restart Argos OnBoard for Canon service

Merge Windows Queue

The Windows queues for the Canon device must be merged into the device. Drag the Windows queue into your Argos OnBoard for Canon device.

  1. The queues should be configured to work with Print Release.

Using Print Release for Canon

To release a print job sent using Print Release, follow these steps.

  1. Select Release Held Documents from the device panel and enter your PIN code
  2. Select the jobs you'd like to print and click Release Selected

To delete jobs at the panel, click Delete Selected

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