Hold Queues

Argos Print Release relies on specialized hold queues to hold print jobs that are sent to your print server. These printer queues will appear the same as any other printer to your end users, but do not have the ability to send to an actual printer. These use a "fake" local port along with other configuration to ensure that a print will not pass through.

To configure a hold queue for your Print Release team, start by creating a regular print queue using the same driver as the rest of your team on your print server and then follow these steps:

1. Configuring the Hold Queue in Windows

  • Right Click on the print queue in Windows Devices and Printers and select Printer Properties from the menu.
  • In the Ports tab, click on Add Port.
  • Highlight Local Port and click on New Port.
  • In the Enter a port name box that pops up, type in nul and click OK.
  • Make sure this nul port is checked and click on Apply.

2. Configuring the Hold Queue in Argos

  • First, make sure that Argos Print Tracking is installed on your server and that Argos Agent Service is started.
  • In order to refresh the list of printers that Argos is monitoring to include your hold queue, Stop and then Start the Argos Agent Service.
  • Send a test page to your new hold queue and bill the test page to a project if prompted. (it will not print)
  • In Argos Manager, navigate to the Print Release tab on the left.
  • Click on the + button in the upper left to create a new Print Release Team and give your team a name in the top box.
  • Click on the Add button.
  • In the top search box, start typing the name of your new Hold Queue.
  • Click on the hold queue to select it, then hit OK.
  • Confirm that your prints are being held by sending another test and viewing the held print job at http://localhost:7090/management on your Argos Application Server.

Congrulations, your hold queue is now ready to provide the rest of your Argos Print Release team with held print jobs!

Please note that all printers on the team will need to be running a Print Release compatible version of Argos Onboard or Argos Mobile Release Station.

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