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What is Argos OnBoard for Ricoh?

Argos OnBoard for Ricoh tracks copy activity on a Java-Enabled Ricoh. Print tracking on all Ricoh devices is done through our standard Windows/Mac print queue tracking.

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Setting up Argos OnBoard for Ricoh

To install, you will need the following:

  • A functioning Argos environment
  • Access to Argos Manager
  • At least one user set up with a PIN code in the Users section of Argos Manager
  • IP address of the Ricoh MFP

Configuring your printer to work with Argos:

Install Argos OnBoard for Ricoh

To install the Argos OnBoard for Ricoh agent, follow the instructions below for your version of the Java SDK/J:

Some important things to know about the Argos OnBoard for Ricoh

  • All of the copies you create in one login session will be billed as the same job.  If you are planning on billing multiple customers, you should log out between jobs.
  • Jobs on a Ricoh are tracked by the internal job counter.  All paper sizes up to 8.5 x 14 increment the counter by one click, while 11 x 17 paper increments the counter by two clicks.  Each click is viewed in Argos as a single sheet of Letter sized paper, so printing a single copy with Tabloid sized paper will be reported as two pages of Letter paper.
  • Ricoh's proprietary RPCS driver format is not supported by Argos for accurate tracking. The Ricoh PS and PCL6 drivers offer the same functionality and are supported by Argos.

Supported Models

Ricoh OnBoard is supported on any Ricoh, Gestetner, Savin or Lanier device running Java 2.x - 5.x or 10.x and higher. Click here to see the current list of supported Ricoh models.

Ricoh Knowledge Base Articles

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