Users are organized into groups in Argos. All users in a specific group will have the same billing policies and access permissions, which can be adjusted in the properties of each user group.

Automatic User Creation

Users are automatically added to Argos in three ways:

  • User prints to a printer that is tracked by Argos
  • Argos Desktop Client is installed on user's workstation
  • Argos Manager is installed on the user's workstation

In all three cases, the user will be created in the Default user group with minimal information - just the username and domain name. In environments where all users are tracked, and no walkup scan or copy tracking is used, no additional user management is required.

Importing Users

If users will be scanning or copying, or need to be organized into groups with different billing settings, we recommend importing user information from another source, such as Active Directory or an employee list. Argos supports threee import methods:

At a minimum, you should include username and PIN code in your import source, but Argos can also import additional information used for billing configuration and reporting:

  • User domain (required in multi-domain environments)
  • First name
  • Last name
  • User Group
  • Email address
  • Office location
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