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Argos Advanced Tracking for Océ Account Logic can track all Print, Copy and Scan activity from any Account Logic-enabled Océ wide format device. Supported series include TDS, TCS, Plotwave and Colorwave.

To install, you will need the following

  • IP address of your Océ controller
  • Account Logic (TDS series) or Accounting (Plotwave/Colorwave) installed on Océ controller
  • Access to Argos Manager
  • At least one user set up with a PIN code in the Users Argos Manager

IMPORTANT NOTE: After you've completed the connector setup, it is very important that you disable tracking on the windows/Mac queues for this device in Argos Manager.  This is to avoid double-billing from the different tracking methods moving forward.

Configuring your device in Argos Manager

Argos Advanced Tracking for Oce Account Logic uses two device settings - "pull" and "push". "Pull" imports data from the Océ controller, "Push" sends valid users/pins to the controller for walkup or Print Exec Workgroup authentication.

  1. Open Argos Manager and browse to Printers
  2. Press the + icon at the top right of the Printer group column, hover over Integration and then click Oce Account Logic (Pull)
  3. Type the IP address of your printer in the IP field
  4. Click "Job Types" to define the activity types you'd like to track
  5. Click the "Printer Information" tab to set the name, and optionally define Group, Location and Asset Tag
  6. Click OK
  7. To also track walk-up activity (copy/scan), press the + icon at the top right of the Printer group column, hover over Integration and then click Oce Account Logic (Push)
  8. Enter the IP address of the Océ Controller
  9. Choose user prompt settings. See below for more information
  10. Click Schedule to set the sync time. This is the interval that new users/pins will be sent to the Océ controller. We recommend once per hour.
  11. Click Ok

User Prompt Options

Users can be prompted to identify themselves in three different ways.

  • PIN Only: This is the simplest method. Users are prompted to enter just a PIN code to unlock the scanner.
  • Username and PIN: This is the most secure method. Users select their names from a list, then enter a PIN. Not recommended for Plotwave 300 due to screen size.
  • Username only: Allows free selection of any username without requiring a PIN.

Configuring the Océ controller

Once the Océ is configured in Argos Manager, it will begin tracking prints sent through any Windows queue, Print Exec LT and most other sources. To track walkup copies, scans, reprints and Print Exec Workgroup activity, the Oce controller must be configured as well.

Instructions for enabling Account Logic on TDS series devices

Instructions for enabling Accounting on Plotwave series devices

To access the Océ scanner, or reprint jobs previously sent to the Océ controller, users will now be required to log into Account Logic. Copy, scan and reprint activity will be tracked in Argos.

Plot Submission Tools

Océ and other third party developers provide a variety of submission tools for printing. Most will be tracked by Argos, and some are listed here:

Océ Publisher Select

Publisher is traditionally used with Oce Reprodesk, but can also be used to directly submit print jobs to an Océ. Publisher Select prints will be tracked automatically by our Oce integration.

Océ Print Exec Workgroup

Océ's web-based print utility Print Exec Workgroup can be associated with Account Logic. The accounting fields defined in Argos (username, pin) will be available within the Océ Print Exec Workgroup dialog. Please note that Print Exec Workgroup Basic does not support Account Logic, and is therefore not supported by Argos.

Océ Print Exec LT

Print Exec LT is a stand-alone plot submission tool available from Océ. No additional configuration is necessary to track Print Exec LT with Argos Advanced Tracking for Océ Account Logic.


Metaprint is a third party plot submission tool. No additional configuration is necessary to track Metaprint with Argos Advanced Tracking for Océ Account Logic.


GoPlot is a third party plot submission tool. No additional configuration is necessary to track GoPlot with Argos Advanced Tracking for Océ Account Logic.

Other Tools

Using another submission tool with your Océ? Contact Sepialine Support to verify that it is compatible.

Supported Devices

The following Océ models are supported. If you have an Océ model not listed, please contact us to confirm it can be tracked.

TDS 400, TDS 450, TDS 600, TDS 700, TDS 750, TDS 800, TDS 850, TCS 300, TCS 500, Colorwave 300, Colorwave 550, Colorwave 600 (click here for special notes), Colorwave 650, Plotwave 300, Plotwave 340, Plotwave 350, Plotwave 360, Plotwave 900

Additional Océ models

Océ wide format plotters that do not support Océ Account Logic (TDS100, TDS320, cs2344, cs2236, for example) can be tracked using our standard Windows print tracking method. Scans and copies will not be tracked on these devices.

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