Manual Entry

The Desktop Client has an optional Manual Entry component to allow users to add activity for expense types that are not otherwise recorded by Argos. Some examples include:

  • Print Room expenses (binding, stapling, folding, etc)
  • Postage
  • Scanning from legacy devices
  • Mileage
  • CD/DVD burning

Prior to enabling the manual entry feature, add any new media that will be used for billing custom expense types should be created in Argos Manager. To create new media, follow the steps listed at the link below:

Adding new media

Enabling Manual Entry

Manual Entry can be enabled within any user group in the Argos Manager. In most environments, only a few users have access to the Manual Entry tool, but in theory, it could be available to all users.

  1. Open Argos Manager
  2. Click on Users
  3. Double-click on desired user group
  4. Click Permissions
  5. Check "Can manually bill jobs"

Using Manual Entry

Users who have access to manual entry will see a second tab on their Desktop Client called "Manual entry". If this feature is enabled, the user can double-click the Argos icon in the system tray of their computer at any time to bring up the Desktop Client.

The following fields are available in the Manual Entry tool:

  • Project
  • Dimensions (if applicable)
  • Quantity
  • Date/time
  • Device
  • Item
  • User
  • Status
  • Filename
  • Comment

Multiple records can be added to a "set" and billed at the same time by clicking "Add". When your set is ready to bill, click "Post".

A list of available printers appears in the printer list. Printers set to "Do Not Track" in Argos Manager Cannot be used with Manual Entry. We recommend creating specific "printers" to represent the different types of activity you may want to bill. Additional item types can be defined within the Pricing page to define the costs for your specific activity.

In a print room environment, one person might be in charge of billing activity for a number of users. To use a name other than the default Windows username, select from the username dropdown, or start typing the name in the search box.

In some cases, you may want to record a job as billed in the past or the future. You can modify the date/time fields to define the time.

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