How To Track Epson MFD print, copy and scan activity without requiring authentication

Argos OnBoard for Epson can be configured without an authentication screen for environments where walkup authentication is not required. This configuration will provide the following functionality:

  • As-printed tracking of all print jobs for interactive or silent billing
  • Tracking of all copy and/or scan jobs for silent billing with no username

To configure an Epson to not require on-panel authentication, follow these steps:

  1. Enter printer IP address in web browser
  2. Click “Administrator login”
  3. Click “Epson Open Platform Settings > Authentication System > Basic”
  4. Remove the URL from the “Web page URL before login” screen

(Note) The next steps may be located under the same screen, or they will be located under the top tab titled "Product Security"

  1. Click “Access Control Settings > Basic”
  2. Uncheck “Enable Access Control”
  3. Click “OK”

All print jobs will be tracked with the original username. Copies and scans will be tracked with an “unknown” username. 

Reinstalling Argos OnBoard for Epson will revert to the default settings with the login screen displayed on the panel.

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