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What is Argos OnBoard for Epson?

Argos OnBoard tracks printing, copying, and scanning right from the panel of your Epson MFD printer. With As-Printed Tracking, Argos OnBoard for Epson works with or without a print server–even in a serverless cloud environment for ultimate flexibility. Tracking that works around your print workflows instead of interrupting them.

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Setting up Argos OnBoard for Epson

To install, you will need the following:

Installation Process Overview

 Installation is simple and requires a few steps:

  1. Generate Epson Open Platform license key
  2. Install Epson Open Platform license key
  3. Configure Argos adapter
  4. Install Argos Onboard 

1. Generate Epson Open Platform License Key

License keys can be generated individually or in bulk for an entire fleet.

Browse to the Epson licensing portal:

  1. Enter printer serial
  2. Choose region
  3. Select "Other" from "main use for application" and type "Argos"
  4. Click “Next” and copy the key shown on the next page

2. Install Epson Open Platform license key

The license key is entered through the printer’s web admin portal.

  1. Enter printer IP address in web browser
  2. Click “Administrator login”
  3. Click “Epson Open Platform Settings > Product key”
  4. Paste the product key from the Epson licensing portal
  5. Click OK

3. Configure Argos adapter

  1. Open Argos Manager and click on Printers
  2. Click New > Integration > Argos OnBoard for Epson”
  3. Enter printer IP address
  4. Choose job types to track (Print, Copy, Scan)
  5. Leave “Prefer US sizes” checked unless installing outside of USA
  6. Enter printer’s admin password

4. Install Argos Onboard 

  1. Click “Install OnBoard Application” button
  2. Verify that printer’s screen now shows login prompt (you might need to hit the “home” button if printer was awake when install occurred)

Prox card readers

Epson MFDs support a variety of USB-connected card readers. Please contact Epson to verify your card reader is supported. 

The card reader must be plugged into the USB port on the back of the printer (sometimes hidden by a sticker) to function properly.

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