Importing Projects From Deltek Ajera

Deltek Ajera has two hosting options that we can import projects from, Local and Cloud. With Ajera Local we can pull in up to five levels of billing from the SQL Database that is hosted on your network. With Ajera Cloud we can pull in the first level of billing directly from your hosting provider using Ajera's API.

Argos 8 or above is required for Ajera Cloud Imports

Ajera Local

For Ajera local we use our standard ODBC Connector to import the project information from the SQL Database. You can find more information on how to do so in our article on Importing Billing Codes from a SQL database.

We have included some example queries to use in our Deltek Ajera project import queries article. Please keep in mind that these are just samples and may not work for your specific Billing Code Structure in Ajera.

Ajera Cloud

  1. Setup an API User in Ajera. You can find more information in this article from ajera. Make sure that the API User has read access to your projects.
  2. Copy the API Url from Ajera. You can find it in Ajera under Utilities > Setup Integrations > API Settings and it will be the external server address.
  3. In the Argos Manager go to projects click the + icon in the top left hand corner and click Import Projects…
  4. In the Project Import Settings Window select Deltek Ajera Cloud from the Data source dropdown and click Configure to the right.
  5. Enter your API Url Username and Password into the proper fields.
  6. Click the Preview Import Button to verify you're pulling in projects and then hit OK.
  7. Click the Schedule… button set your import interval and click OK
  8. Click the Run Now button and once it finishes click the Save button.
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