Argos 8 Release Notes

Upgrading from version 7.7.6 or earlier?

  • Microsoft .NET version 4.7.2 or higher is required on any server or workstation running the Argos Manager or Application Server components. We recommend applying all Microsoft Critical Updates and .NET updates, and restarting the computer prior to beginning your Argos 8 upgrade.
  • Microsoft .NET version 4.6 or higher is required on any server or workstation running Argos Print Tracking or Argos Desktop Client components.
  • Customers using media-based tax rates will need to migrate to location-based tax rates.
  • Customers with custom reports or accounting exports that rely on tax rates should have Sepialine Support review their Argos 7 configuration before upgrading.
  • Review our article on Upgrading from Argos 7 to Argos 8.


Argos 8.2.3

Released 11/29/2021

  • Updated Mac Client to work with OSX Monterey
  • Updated Deltek Vantagepoint Project Import
  • Performance enhancements and minor bug fixes

Argos 8.2.2

Released 8/18/2021

  • Updated Integration Service to address issue with licensing server
  • Updated Argos OnBoard for Xerox service to address issue with multiple registrations
  • Updated Argos OnBoard for Canon client to use latest Canon licensing mode and support latest models
  • Updated Argos OnBoard for Ricoh installer to support latest models
  • Updated Canon IPF adapter to support latest models
  • Performance enhancements and minor bug fixes


Argos 8.2.1

Released 2/15/2021

  • Resolved issue with Konica Minolta OnBoard service failing to register

Argos 8.2

Released 8/25/2020

  • Argos OnBoard for Epson MFDs
    • Track print, copy and scan directly from the printer
    • PIN code and Prox card authentication
  • Add Support for latest Canon MFDs
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

Argos 8.1

Released 4/5/2020

  • New Argos OnBoard for Ricoh adapter
  • New Argos OnBoard for HP adapter with support for HP PageWide MFP and LaserJet models
  • Updated HP Large Format adapter with support for latest HP PageWide XL and DesignJet models

Argos 8.0.8

Released 1/28/2020

  • Resolved display error in Deltek Vantagepoint import when phase and task have same numbers
  • Resolved minor issues with Reports and Data filtering
  • Updated wording in default comments

Argos 8.0.6

Released 1/17/2020

  • Desktop Client Billing Watcher Service port is configurable
  • Database upgrade process simplified for product updates
  • Add support for duplicate phase/task numbers in Deltek Vantagepoint
  • Resolved issue with some Argos services not restarting after computer reboot
  • Resolved issues with user filtering in Reports and Data when switching from "All Users" to "Only Referenced Users"
  • Various minor UI improvements

Argos 8.0.5

Released 12/2019


  • Deltek Vantagepoint Round Trip integration


  • Improved Reports and Data Filtering
  • Improved OnBoard Adapter loading time in Manager

Argos 8.0.3

Release Date: 10/2019

Argos 8.0.3 includes a new HP Small Format adapter that tracks copy, scan, and print on PageWide and LaserJet MFPs.


  • New Argos OnBoard for HP adapter with support for HP PageWide MFP and LaserJet models
  • Updated HP Large Format adapter with support for latest HP PageWide XL and DesignJet models
  • Automatically detect HTTPS encryption on HP Large Format printers
  • Add “Download in XLS format” to Manager Reports
  • Update Canon Large Format adapter UI
  • Update HP Large Format adapter UI
  • Change order of Printer integration adapters in “Add New” dropdown


  • Address customer-specific custom report format
  • Resolve Sharp MFP authentication issue
  • Resolve Manager crash with blank SQL export dialog
  • Improve sorting on Windows and Mac queues tab
  • Standardize spacing between Cancel and OK buttons
  • Resolve issue when manually adding custom paper sizes to a media
  • Sort locations alphabetically in printer dialog
  • Resolve issue with international reports not displaying
  • Assorted UI and performance enhancements

Argos 8.0.2

Release Date: 06/2019

Argos 8.0.2 is the first publicly available version of Argos 8. Argos 8 has a brand new user interface as well as redesigned Print Release and Reporting workflows. Argos 8 plays nice with data center and private cloud environments.


  • Redesigned Argos Manager
  • New Print Release workflow
  • Improved Reporting workflow
  • OnBoard support for latest printer models from Konica Minolta, Canon, Ricoh, HP, Kyocera, Sharp, Xerox, and more
  • Location-based tax rates
  • Deltek Ajera Cloud project import
  • Performance enhancements for data center/cloud installations
  • Performance enhancements for direct print environments without print servers
  • Add “Last day of month” as billing period option
  • Updated Search bar design
  • Simplify User Group permissions
  • Support per-page tracking in HP Large Format adapter


  • Resolve issue with empty Job History window in Desktop Client
  • Resolve Manager crash when clicking unbilled jobs summary
  • Resolve issue with Sharp MFDs and Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Resolve issue with uninstalling corrupted Konica Minolta OnBoard application
  • Resolve issue with Ricoh PCL print jobs tracking incorrect copy count
  • Resolve issue with Out of Bounds message in PCL print job
  • Resolve issue with Kyocera print jobs tracking incorrect dimensions
  • Resolve issue with Ricoh OnBoard application and IM Series MFDs
  • Resolve issue with Print Release ignoring XPS print jobs
  • Resolve issue with tracking XPS print jobs
  • Resolve issue with HP M880 print job jobs tracking incorrect dimensions
  • Include Argos Manager version on Settings dialog
  • Resolve issue with Konica Minolta OnBoard service on Windows Server 2019
  • Resolve issue with Toshiba OnBoard adapter dialog crash
  • Resolve issue with Plotworks adapter displaying incorrect information
  • Resolve issue when manually billing large number of print jobs from Unbilled Activity window
  • Resolve issue with project import when project manager does not have full name
  • Resolve issue with duplicate print tracking from UWP applications
  • Resolve issue with Ricoh print job per-page color tracking
  • Resolve issue with HP PageWide XL multi-page dimensions
  • Remove support for Legacy Argos Keypad hardware
  • Remove support for Legacy EFI PrintMeMobile authentication
  • Additional performance and UI enhancements
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