Argos Release Station

The Argos Release Station enables Secure Release and Global Print functionality for any network printer.


  • Argos 7.5.8 or higher
  • Android-based tablet running Android 4.1 ("Jelly Bean") or higher
  • Tablet must be on wi-fi network, or connected by VPN over cellular connection if wi-fi is not available
  • The name or IP address of a computer running the Argos Mobile Release service (part of the Application Server package you installed when you set up Argos)
  • We recommend 7”, 9” or 10” tablets for best workflow.

Preparing Your Android Device

Before downloading, please make sure to allow installation of non-Market applications:

  • On your Android device, navigate to Settings > Application
  • Check the Unknown sources option

Installing and Configuring the App

From your Android device, access your web browser and navigate to http://ip_or_host:7071/Android/get-station (replace ip_or_host with your Argos Application Server's correct value).

  1. Click "tap here to download and install".
  1. After the installation, open the Argos Release Station app, and click the gray "gear" icon in the upper right corner to access the device settings.
  1. Enter the Server name listed on the download page (or the server's IP address)
  1. Enter "7070" for the port unless instructed otherwise by Sepialine Support. 

Using Argos Release Station in Kiosk mode

In Kiosk mode, Argos Release Station is the only available application on a tablet, and users cannot navigate away from it. The simplest way to enable Kiosk mode is by using Android’s Screen Pinning feature, available on devices running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher.

Older devices can use a third-party app such as SureLock to enable screen pinning functionality.

Using the App

The Android Release Station can work with any print device that is configured for Managed Printing in Argos - either using Secure Release or Global Print.

The Argos Release Station should be placed or mounted near the managed print device (or devices). The Release Station can be used with a single device, or multiple devices. Any prints sent to the managed print queue will be held until the user logs in with a PIN code and releases the print job.

  1. Send a print to a managed print queue
  1. Log into the Argos Release Station with your Argos PIN code
  1. Select the device (only those with your held prints will be shown)
  1. Select the document (or documents) to release
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