Pricing Basis

Total costs and charges for tracked activity can be based on paper size, square feet, square meters, linear feet, linear meters or by the page (regardless of size).

To Adjust the Pricing Basis For a Media:

  1. Open Argos Manager, navigate to the Pricing tab and double-click on the name of the Media that you wish to adjust.
  2. Select the desired pricing basis from the drop down list. Click OK to save the change (see below for pricing basis definitions).
  3. After saving the change, update the Cost and Charge values for the updated media by typing directly into the associated cells
  4. Once the cost and charge values have been updated, click the Apply button in the lower right portion of the screen.
  5. NOTE: Recalculation after both of these operations may take some time, depending on the number of affected print records.


Jobs billed to a Page item will be priced according to the number of pages they have.  Jobs that do not generate a physical piece of paper, such as scans, often are billed to Page items.

Square Feet

When you set up a Square Feet pricing item, you set the cost and charge for a single square foot of paper. For a printer that uses rolls of paper, you can define a roll width in order to track the amount of paper used for each print job. Please note that some Argos adapters already use roll width when they report job sizes - you should not define a roll width for items used by these adapters.

Square Meters

Works like the Square Feet pricing basis, except the cost and charge is for onesquare meter.

Linear Feet

An item that uses the Linear Feet pricing basis charges based on the total number of feet in a job. You can define a roll width for this pricing basis.

Linear Meters

Similar to the Linear Feet pricing basis, except the cost and charge is determined by the number of meters in a job.

Paper Size

The Paper Size pricing basis is used when you want to track jobs based on the size of the paper you use. You can add as many paper sizes as you want to an item that uses this pricing basis. The only restriction is you can not add paper sizes that have different names but the same size. For example, you can not have both Letter and ANSI A paper sizes in the same item because both are 8.5 x 11 inches.

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