All of the data collected by Argos can be viewed in the Data tab of Argos Manager.

There are four categories of data available for viewing:

Billed: A filtered view of all billed data

Unbilled: A list of data that has not yet been billed

Deleted: Data that has been deleted, either automatically or manually

Archive: Data that can no longer be reported on but is still available for export

Billed Activity

When an activity record (print, copy, scan, etc) is recorded by Argos and assigned to a billing code, it is listed in the allocated activity. Allocated records can be used for running reports in Argos, or exported for external billing. The filtering options available for reports are also available for allocated activity.

Unbilled Activity

Pending activity records have not yet been assigned to a billing code. In most cases, pending records are waiting for an end user to select a project/client code in the Argos Desktop Client (link). However, if users who do not have the Argos Desktop Client installed, and are not set up in a silent billing group (link) print, copy or scan on a tracked device, their activity will stay in pending activity until it is manually assigned to a billing code by an administrator.

We recommend reviewing the pending activity list at the end of each billing period to ensure there are not records that should be assigned to billing codes.

Deleted Activity

There are two common ways records appear in the Recycled activity:

  • A device group or user group is set to automatically delete records (link)
  • An administrator manually moves records from allocated or pending to recycled

Recycled records are not available for reporting, but can be reassigned to a project if a record was incorrectly deleted.

Archived Activity

Archived records have been removed from Argos, and are no longer available for reporting. However, archived records can be exported to a CSV file and imported into Excel, SQL or other reporting systems if needed.

Records are typically archived for three reasons:

  • The Argos database is reaching the limits of the server hardware where it is installed. Archiving records clears up database space and makes filtering and searching faster.
  • Older devices, users, projects and media need to be removed from Argos, but cannot because they are referenced by allocated activity records.
  • At the end of a fiscal year, records are moved to the archive so no further changes can be made.

Records can be archived by a date range or by selecting individual records.

Archived records can only be filtered by date range.

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