Sepialine Support Policy


Sepialine is committed to delivering high-quality support for our products. We offer a range of self-help and assisted support options. This document outlines how we support our products, what to do when you need help, and what we will do when you contact us for support.

Support options

Self-help resources

A variety of tools and materials are available at the website:

Support contracts

A paid support contract entitles you to:

  • Product updates and upgrades

  • Remote and telephone based support

  • Depending upon the product purchased and your contract, maintenance contracts are typically renewed annually. A valid support contract is required in order to initiate technical support cases.

Support contract expiration

We will attempt to contact you at least 30 days prior to your maintenance contractexpiration; however, it is your responsibility to ensure that your support planremains current. Lapsed support plans are not eligible for renewal pricing. If you elect not to renew, and then subsequently require support services from Sepialine (including software updates and upgrades), you will be required to purchase new software licenses at full price. There is no grace period.

On-site support

Sepialine does not offer on-site support. If you require on-site support, we may recommend a consultant or reseller in your area to work with you.

Software Installation

Unless you contract with us specifically to install Argos software for you, installation is your responsibility. This applies to both new installations and upgrades. If we originally installed software for you under contract, that contract does not apply to subsequent software upgrades. If you would like us to upgrade Argos software for you, contact us for pricing and information.


We rely on electronic mail (email) as our primary means of support communication. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the email address is not blocked by anti-spam or similar monitoring software. Sepialine cannot be responsible for outbound email communication that is not received due to blocking software. We will respond to one-time confirmation emails from your anti-spam system in order to allow subsequent communication. Any additional action to allow inbound Sepialine support email is the customer responsibility.

Remote Access

When issues cannot be resolved via telephone and/or email, we use Splashtop service to remotely troubleshoot your software. We will only initiate a Splashtop remote session to your computer(s) with your consent. At the conclusion of a Splashtop support session, we will disconnect and will be unable to initiate subsequent remote sessions without your knowledge and consent; Splashtop is a safe and secure means for remote support.

If you cannot, or will not, allow Splashtop support sessions, then Sepialine's ability to troubleshoot or support your installation may be limited. Consequently, we may be unable to resolve your support case without the use of Splashtop. Our use of Splashtop as a support channel is at our discretion.

Support during trial period

Although paying customers receive higher support priority than trial customers, we will assist you in installation and minor configuration issues during your software trial period. Trial support does not include training, client deployment, report customization or data migration. We will correct product defects, incorrect functionality and incorrect tracking issues.

Sepialine does not support multiple trial periods. If, after your trial period expires, you wish to initiate a subsequent trial period, we may request a deposit payment in order assist in re-installation, data migration, re-deployment or supplying temporary license keys.

If you are currently covered under a Sepialine maintenance contract, and a new product version is released, you may run a trial of the new version in parallel with your current version. Since you are entitled to the new version under the maintenance contract, you may upgrade and migrate your Sepialine software at any time while the maintenance contract is in effect. Remote migration assistance is available for an additional fee. Your maintenance contract does not cover downgrade support. Hence, we strongly recommend running a trial of any new software versions in an isolated test environment prior to upgrading your production software.

Upgrades and updates

A current subscription contract is required to contact Sepialine Support and receive updates. As long as your subscription contract is in effect, you are entitled to all software updates that we issue, available at Conversely, if your subscription contract has lapsed, you are not entitled to any updates.

The website only hosts the most recent version of Argos software for download. If you allow your subscription contract to lapse, it is your responsibility to keep a copy of the last Argos installation package to which you are entitled for re-installation purposes.

Procedures, hours of operation, and response times

Sepialine business hours are 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, U.S. holidays excepted. During those hours, support is available as described in this document. If you require assistance outside of our normal business hours, please contact us to make other arrangements.

Once your site and support level have been determined, we will work with you to determine the nature and magnitude of the problem. To the extent possible, we will refer you to existing documentation, knowledge base and other online resources to help resolve the issue. If the problem cannot be resolved via online resources, then we will initiate a support case.

Support inquiries originating from sites with current and active maintenance contracts receive a response within 24 business hours. Typical response times are much shorter. If you phone us for support, we will make every effort possible to take your phone call immediately. If we are unable to do so due to heavy call loads, we will return your call as quickly as possible.

We will work with you to resolve open support cases in a timely manner. If we do not receive responses to repeated support communication with you, then we will expire your support case. You may re-open an expired support case, provided that your Maintenance Plan or Subscription remains current.

Product retirement

At our discretion, we may opt to cease support ("retire") for a particular product or version of a product. This typically occurs for legacy versions of our products. When we plan to cease support for a product or version, we will post an announcement on the site at least 90 days prior.

Support for third-party products**

Sepialine products may be used in conjunction with - or integrated with - third party products. When this occurs, and new versions, updates, upgrades or patches are issued by third-party manufacturers, Sepialine will support those new versions only for the latest, shipping version of the Sepialine product(s) you have integrated. If you are using a Sepialine product other than the latest version, an upgrade may be required in order to ensure compatibility with new third-party products or versions.

For example, if you are using Argos 7.6.3 (a retired version of the Argos product) with Deltek Vision version 7, and you upgrade to Vision 7.5 (a version of Vision that shipped after Argos 7.6.3 was retired), then you will be required to upgrade your Argos installation to the latest shipping version in order to run newer Argos/Vision integration software.

Licensing compliance

We reserve the right to audit your Sepialine installation for license compliance. During the course of a support case, we may perform this audit. We reserve the right to refuse support if we determine that your Sepialine software licenses are not in compliance with the End User License Agreement for that product.

Third-party integration

Certain integration products include both server and client components. You are only entitled to use client-side integration components when you have licensed the full server-based integration. If you do not license integration, you may not deploy or use the client portion of that integration.

What isn't covered

Our products are client / server in nature and depend upon your existing infrastructure. During the course of supporting you, we will endeavor to assist you and offer best-practice suggestions, but are unable to support the following:

  • Problems caused by non-Sepialine products, including OS or database issues
  • Network operating system (NOS) upgrades or new NOS releases
  • Custom scripting, programming or other modifications to your Sepialine products
  • Database connections to third-party or custom products
  • Network connectivity issues (LAN / WAN)
  • Server crashes
  • Printer configuration issues
  • Print driver issues
  • Application-specific configuration or usage issues (e.g. line weights, print quality, etc.)
  • Implementing corrective measures for decreased Sepialine software performance or failure due to the result of computer viruses, hackers, third-party consultants or companies not explicitly named
  • Data migration

Your responsibilities

To help the Sepialine Technical Support team quickly meet your critical software support needs, please ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • The representative contacting Sepialine must be knowledgeable in the covered software, the hardware system, any other software involved, and the circumstances surrounding the question.
  • The full system, including software and hardware, is available to the representative and accessible by him or her without limit during any telephone discussions with the Sepialine support analyst.
  • The representative contacting Sepialine must have their assigned Site ID or License Key available (issued with purchase and included in letter or email notification).

About accuracy

Due to the complexity and practices of various printer manufacturers, operating systems and other network components, you may encounter instances where Sepialine products do not record data accurately. Generally speaking, this is beyond our control, but we will make every effort to diagnose accuracy problems and deliver product updates to accommodate them. For more information about accuracy, please see our accuracy knowledge base article.


For some Sepialine products, license keys are matched to specific servers. If, after receiving and installing a valid Sepialine license key, you must re-install and re-license your software for any reason (server crash, your decision to move servers, etc.), we will issue a new license key. We will issue replacement license keys at our discretion; we reserve the right to refuse to replace license keys if a pattern of abuse is evident.

Changes to this policy

This support policy is subject to change at any time. Questions about this support policy should be submitted via email

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