Argos starts with two basic media types - "Small" and "Large".

Small is generally used for printers that use defined paper sizes, such as Letter, Legal, Tabloid. Most customers choose to bill Small prints at a specific rate per paper size.

Large is generally used for plotters that print on roll-based media, where many different sizes are possible. While there are typically a handful of standard sizes (18x24, 24x36, etc), it is possible to print just about any size within the constraints of your roll width. For this reason, most customers choose to bill Large type jobs per square foot or square meter.

Setting Pricing

Argos gives you the ability to set both a cost and charge for each price point. If you lease your printers from another company, and they charge you 10 cents per square foot, but you charge your customers 50 cents per square foot, you can enter both values in the media section. Your client invoices will still only show the external charge, but internal reports can display both.

Enabling Color Pricing

A second set of price options will be displayed for any media that has color pricing enabled. The default media have color pricing enabled by default. Color pricing can be enabled on additional media by following these steps.

  1. Click the "Gear" icon to the right of a media
  2. Select "Enable Color Pricing"

Repeat for any additional media that should have color pricing

Enabling Page Area Rounding

Some customers prefer to round large format plot jobs up to the nearest square foot for billing purposes. This option is only available for media billed by square feet or square meters.

  1. Click the "Gear" icon to the right of a media
  2. Click "Enable Page Area Rounding"
  3. The media will now show "Priced by Square feet, rounded"

Adding SKUs to Media

For billing purposes, you may want a SKU assigned to each price point. Any SKU added on the Media page can be included in custom accounting exports and custom reports.

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