Port numbers used by Argos Components

Argos uses a variety of ports to communicate between components. The following list of ports can be useful when troubleshooting firewall or network connectivity issues.

Service or Application Endpoint Default Port Number Protocol
Agent Communication Service 7080 HTTP
Canon OnBoard Communication Service 7079, 7080, 7081 HTTP
Sharp OnBoard Communication Service 7082 HTTPS
Ricoh OnBoard Communication Service 7083 HTTP
Manager Database 1433 ADO
Integration Service Database 1433 ADO
Konica Minolta OnBoard Service Database 1433 ADO
Konica Minolta MFP Konica Minolta OnBoard Service 50002 HTTPS
HP MFP HP OnBoard Service 7083, 7089 HTTPS
Xerox Xerox OnBoard Service 7091 HTTP
Communication Service Database 1433 ADO
Gateway Service Communication Service 7080 HTTP



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