Accessing Mac DtC logs

The Mac Desktop Client (DtC) contains a comprehensive set of logs for each of its components. These logs are always enabled. They are limited to 11 MB of disk space per component so they will never take up an extraordinary amount of disk space.


  1. Open Console. This can be reached either by opening Spotlight by clicking on the magnifying glass on the menu bar and typing Console or by navigating to /Applications/Utilities/
  2. If you do not see a tree of logs on the left side then click the Show Log List button at the top of the window
  3. Open the FILES node
  4. Open the ~/Library/Logs node
  5. Open the Sepialine node
  6. You will see a list of logs for the Billing client itself
  7. Open the FILES node
  8. Open the /Library/Logs node
  9. Open the Sepialine node
  10. You will see a list of logs for the BillingClientLoader and MonitorDaemon
  11. Click on any log to view it
  • The files with the .log extensions are the current logs. The next most recent log has a .log.1 extension, followed by .log.2, etc
  • You can right-click (or command-click) on a log file in the tree on the left and select Reveal in Finder to view the log file in the Finder


  1. Activate the Finder
  2. In the Go menu select Go to Folder…
  3. Enter ~/Library/Logs
  4. Right-click (or command-click) on the Sepialine folder and select Compress "Sepialine"
  5. Move to the desired location
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 entering /Library/Logs in step 3 to retrieve the second set of logs.
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