Thanks for choosing Argos and welcome to the Argos 8 Documentation Site. This site acts as the online help and product guide for Argos.

Looking for general product information about Argos? Head over to our main website: www.sepialine.com

This guide contains four main sections:

Installing Argos

Covers downloading, unpacking, planning, and installing the various Argos components. Includes planning guide, information about WANs and branch offices, and system requirements.

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Using the Argos Manager

Argos Manager is the software component where you configure your Argos installation. It's also where you go to view, modify, and report data. This section covers use of Argos Manager for system administrators.

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Using the Argos Desktop Client

If you're using Argos for cost recovery, this section covers use of the Argos Desktop Client -- the "popup" part of Argos. Includes a downloadable, distributable PDF you can send to your users.

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Copy Tracking & Integration

If you want to track copying, scanning, or anything beyond standard Windows and Mac print tracking, this is your section. Here we cover integration for:

  • MFPs and copiers
  • RIP servers
  • Large format equipment

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There's also the Appendix, which contains housekeeping information like our support policy, how to contact technical support, and legal fine-print.

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