Automatic tracking by Printer group

Sometimes you may not want the Desktop Billing Client to pop up for users when they are printing to specific printers. This may be because the printer is tracking by another method, such as an Argos OnBoard connector, or does not need to be tracked for billing but is on a server where other printers are currently being tracked, or if it is a printer type that does not generate billable activity, such as PDF writers. In these cases, you can set a printer group to automatic tracking.

  1. In Argos Manager, navigate to the Printers tab, and double-click on the Printer Group containing the Printers to be tracked silently.
  2. In the Printer Group window, select the radio button next to Automatic. To track all activity to a single project, select the radio button next to Project and select the project from the drop down list. Optionally set the default Status code from the associated drop down list.
  3. If the tracked activity will not be used for reporting, select the radio button next to Send activity to Recycle Bin. Click OK to save the changes.
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