General Settings - Task Executors

The Task Executors tab shows you all Argos Integration Service servers that are currently registered in your Argos environment, and it gives you the ability to remove servers that are no longer available.

The following columns are displayed:

  • ID: Usually the Windows product GUID of the computer running this service. In some cases, if the Windows GUID is duplicated across multiple servers, this will be overridden in a configuration file.
  • Name: Server name
  • Active: Is the service currently running?
  • Last Seen: Time since last check in. Integration services check in approximately every 60 seconds when running.

Checking the status of an Integration Service

Besides basic information (what server is it running on? Is it active?), you can see additional diagnostic information about a specific Integration Service by clicking the Health button.

This will bring up a webpage (http://SERVERNAME:7088/is/health) that shows:

  • Adapter log locations
  • Sync status
  • Disabled Tasks
  • Unlicensed Tasks
  • Active Tasks

Retiring an old Integration Service

If a server is removed from your network, references to it in Argos can be confusing. To remove a server from the Task Executor list, select the stopped server and click the Retire… button.

This will give you the option to assign any tasks that the retired server was running to an Argos Integration Service of your choice.

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