Billing Code Structure

When you use the Argos Desktop Client to prompt users about their expenses, they are required to supply a billing code. Depending on your environment, you may refer to billing codes as projects, clients, jobs, departments, or similar terminology. Argos lets you define up to five billing code tiers and give each tier a name. Argos supports up to 50 characters in the billing code number and 255 characters in the billing code name.

In a law firm

  • Tier 1: Client
  • Tier 2: Matter

In an architecture or engineering firm

  • Tier 1: Project
  • Tier 2: Phase
  • Tier 3: Task

In a general office environment

  • Tier 1: Department

To define your billing code structure

  1. Navigate to the Billing Codes page. The name of this page will vary in Argos Manager depending on the current name of your first billing code tier.
  2. In the Tier 1 panel, click the Actions (gear) button.
  3. Select the Define Billing Code Structure menu item.
  4. In the dialog, use the dropdown list to choose the number of tiers you wish to define. You can have up to five tiers.
  5. Each tier in the list has an edit button […]. Click it to rename the tier.
  6. Provide both the singular and plural forms (e.g. "Client" and "Clients").
  7. Click OK when done.
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