Upgrading your Argos Installation

To Upgrade Your Argos 8 Installation:

  1. Download the latest Argos 8 software here. Whether you are running a trial, upgrading or installing fresh, the download file will always be the same.
  2. On your existing deployment server, double-click the Argos8Install.exe file you downloaded in step 1. Your deployment folder will be upgraded immediately.
  3. At the conclusion of the upgrade process, the SetupLauncher.exe will run in upgrade mode.
  4. If your deployment server hosts running Argos software, click the Upgrade button in the Launcher.
  5. If Argos software is running on other servers, visit each server, navigate to your shared deployment folder, then run the SetupLauncher.exe and click the Upgrade button.
  6. Lastly, any instance of Argos Manager for the site should be upgraded as well. This can be achieved by running the SetupLauncher.exe from the "ArgosInstallers" share on the server, from the workstation.

Note: In multi-office environments, the remote offices should be upgraded immediately after upgrading the Argos database. Remote Argos Communication Services will run in offline mode when they cannot connect to the database because of a version mismatch, but offline mode is not meant to store more than one day of billing data.

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