How Many Argos User Licenses Do I Need?

One license for each user who exists in the Argos database. Users are added to the Argos database in several ways:

  • Argos Desktop Client is installed on their computer
  • User prints to a tracked printer
  • User is imported from Active Directory or another user management system
  • User is manually added through the Argos Manager interface
  • User opens Argos Manager on their desktop

How do I exclude users I don’t want in the Argos system?

Move any user who does not need a license to the Unlicensed Users group. Users in the Unlicensed Users group will not have access to the Argos Manager, and any data collected from this user (print, copy, scan, phone, 3D, etc) will not be available for reporting, invoicing or exporting.

Do I need licenses for users who bill everything to an overhead project?

Yes. If you want to report on any activity from a user, regardless of whether it is billable to a client, or internal, a license is required.

One of my employees has two usernames. Do I need two licenses for this user?

No. You can merge both user accounts together to use one license. However, billing data will only appear under one username, and if using the Desktop Client, billing prompts will appear on both computers at the same time.

Merged accounts are often used when an employee runs both Windows and Mac operating systems, and does not log into the Mac OS with an Active Directory login. When an employee has a name change, the old and new names may be merged together to keep historical reporting consistent.

I need more licenses, how do I get them?

Click the “Request More Licenses” button in the Argos Manager, or go here.

If you’ve purchased Argos through a reseller, you can also contact your reseller directly for additional licenses.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes. Argos MPS customers may have a different licensing agreement that is not user-based. This is common in schools and other institutions who use Argos primarily for user behavior changes rather than invoicing and billing.

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