Large Format - Xerox

Xerox large format printers use the same integration as Xerox MFPs. Read the Argos OnBoard for Xerox documentation for details.

Accounting must be enabled within the Xerox driver. If users print through a print server, this only needs to be defined in one place - the print server. If users print direct to the Xerox device, you will need to enter this information in all drivers.

  1. Open the driver properties on the computer where the printer is installed
  1. Click "Preferences"
  1. Select the "Device Options" tab
  1. Under "Printer Accounting", check the box next to "Enable"
  1. Click the "Settings" box
  1. Enter a valid PIN code in the User code field. This is used only for authentication, not tracking, so you can enter the same valid code in all drivers, if needed.
  1. Enter the default Account Code (usually 9) in the Account Code Field
  1. Click the "Save IDs" box
  1. Click "OK"
  1. Click "Apply"

There are known inconsistencies with older versions of the Xerox FreeFlow drivers. If you are able to unlock the Xerox with your PIN code, but receive an authentication error message when trying to print using the same code, update the driver and machine firmware to the current supported versions.

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