Downloading and unpacking Argos

Download And Unpack Argos Installers

Argos is comprised of different components with different installers. For this reason, you will first download the full Argos package, then unpack it into a folder which contains the separate installation packages.

Download and Unpack the Argos Installers

  1. Download ArgosInstall.exe from here
  2. Double-click ArgosInstall.exe to start it.
  3. Choose a deployment folder. By default your deployment folder will be C:\ArgosInstallers.
  4. Argos will unpack its installers to your chosen location.
  5. Optional, but recommended: share your deployment folder. Doing so will make it easy to install additional Argos components by simply navigating to \\YourServerName\ArgosInstallers

The Argos SetupLauncher

Upon completion of the unpack, the Argos SetupLauncher will run. The SetupLauncher lets you quickly access the installation packages for the various Argos components you will need to install. You can always run the Setuplauncher — either locally on the server or via the shared directory described in step 5 above — by double-clicking SetupLauncher.exe.

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