What's the deal with "integration devices" vs. Windows tracking?

Wherever you have a Windows or Mac print queue creating spool files, Argos Print Tracking can be installed and will track each and every print queue on that computer by default. This is extremely useful for printers that do not generate log files for Argos to integrate with or allow for an “onboard” solution, as it gives us a way to track print jobs on virtually any printer on the planet.

When Argos tracks from a spool file, however, we are fully dependent on interpreting the information that is contained within the spool.  In some rare cases, the color/BW, page count or dimensions contained in the spool will be different than what actually comes out of the printer.  Additionally, if prints are spooled, but then cancelled at the machine, they will still be tracked by Argos.

For supported HP Designjet and Pagewide, Océ, KIP and Canon iPF wide format printers, you are able to purchase an additional connector that will track exact output directly from the device.  The same goes for supported Canon, Xerox, Sharp, Konica, Kyocera, HP, Toshiba and Ricoh MFPs.  Your Argos sales rep will be more than happy to provide you with compatibility information and a quote for integrating with any of your plotters and/or printers.

These methods are especially useful if you have more than one print server, or if users print directly to the printers from their workstations.  You don’t need to maintain spool file tracking at all if we can pull prints directly from the printer’s logs or onboard applications.

If you are tracking a printer through integration or onboard, please be sure to place your windows queues for the device in an “untracked printers group”, as double-billing will occur if this is not set correctly.

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