Argos Application Server Database Connection Issues

In some environments, the Argos Application Server services (Argos Communication, Argos Integration) may fail to register with the Argos database.

To resolve the issue, begin by confirming the SQL Server and Client configuration outlined in the article Argos Manager Database Connection Issues.

If the issue is persisting, enable and start the SQL Server Browser service on the Argos database server as outlined below:

  1. On the server hosting the Argos database, open SQL Server Configuration Manager by typing the appropriate Microsoft console name in the Windows Run dialog and clicking OK.
  • SQL Server 2017: SQLServerManager14.msc
  • SQL Server 2016: SQLServerManager13.msc
  • SQL Server 2014: SQLServerManager12.msc
  • SQL Server 2012: SQLServerManager11.msc
  1. In the SQL Server Configuration Manager window, highlight SQL Server Services, right-click on SQL Server Browser and select Properties.
  2. In the SQL Server Browser Properties window, on the Service tab, click the drop down list next to Start Mode and select Automatic. Click Apply.
  3. On the Log On tab, click the Start button. Once the service has started, click OK.
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