Overriding color detection

In cases where the color value of a print job is undetectable in the spool file that Argos monitors (i.e. monochrome only printers) or where hard-coding pricing of color or black & white for a printer is desired (i.e. large-format color inkjet printers), the color assignment can be over ridden for the printer.

  1. In Argos Manager > Printers
section, double-click on the **printer** to open the properties
  1. In the printer properties window, on the
**Windows & Mac queues** tab, click the
**Show Advanced settings** button. Remove the check mark from
the box next to **Enable color detection**.
  1. On the Printer Information tab, in the
**If color usage cannot be determined, assume all pages are:**
section, select the radio button next to the desired color assignment for
all jobs from the printer. Remove the check mark from the box next to
**Allow user to override this selection in Desktop Client**.
Click **OK**.
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