Argos 7 Release Notes

Note: If you are upgrading from a version earlier than 7.6.8, Microsoft .NET 4.6.0 is required for all server and desktop components. The installation of Microsoft .NET 4.6.0 may require a reboot of your system.

Argos 7.7.6


  • Add support for Secure Release printing from Mac printers
  • increase length of Location field to support locations with more than 200 characters
  • Resolved issue with Oce Windows print tracking
  • Resolved issue with HP Large Format adapter and Premium quality images category

Argos 7.7.5


  • Add Color Print Confirmation Screen option
  • Resolve issue with Canon PRO series tracking username and filename incorrectly


Argos 7.7.4


  • Add support for latest Ricoh MFD models
  • Add support for latest Canon iPF PRO and TX models
  • Add color assignment to HP PageWide XL Print Categories adapter
  • Add support for latest Canon ImageRunner and ImagePress MFD models (pending certification from Canon, expected by 11/6/2017)
  • Add option to not remove old PIN codes when adding new PIN codes to Xerox MFDs
  • Resolved issue with Océ adapter reading malformed accounting logs
  • Resolved issue with Communication Service Health page displaying incorrectly on some browsers
  • Updated licensing agreement
  • Resolved Secure Release issue with malformed Windows spool files

Argos 7.7.3


  • Support hostname or IP address connections for Xerox Secure Release
  • Resolve issue with custom installation process
  • Resolve issue with device group order when selecting multiple devices
  • Add support latest Sharp MFPs with Argos OnBoard for Sharp
  • Mac print queues can be disabled from Argos Manager
  • Resolve issue with HP Pagewide XL devices reporting incorrect time
  • Support Windows 10 workstations in Deployment Center
  • Resolve default project issue in OpCenter Plotworks adapter
  • Resolve issue with searching filenames in Argos Manager
  • Resolve tracking issue with KIP adapter in non-English environments
  • Remove Printing Rules from Manager
  • Hide MPS tab from Argos Manager
  • Require valid license for automated tasks
  • Resolve issue with archive export for non-English environments
  • Add Secure Release device licensing


Argos 7.7.2


  • Option to import users from SQL database source
  • Usability updates to Communication Service health page
  • Resolved issue with Argos OnBoard for Xerox using Convenience Authentication
  • Resolved issue with some Océ prints tracking multiple times
  • Resolved issue with UK-formatted reports
  • Resolved issue when importing 3-tiered billing code list from a text file
  • Resolved issue with scheduling Deltek Vision exports and CSV exports


Argos 7.7.1


  • Add support for MacOS Sierra (10.12)
  • Change to KIP System K PIN code push to not require KIP Accounting Center configuration
  • Update to HP Large Format adapter to resolve username reporting issue on some DesignJet devices
  • Update to Mac client to resolve loading issue seen on some MacOS El Capitan (10.11) workstations
  • User interface changes in HP Large format and Canon iPF Ink Coverage adapters
  • User interface changes in Settings menu

Argos 7.7.0


  • Automatic print queue merging and settings
  • Data archiving
  • Redesign of print queue properties tab
  • New Secure Release tab in device properties
  • KIP System K scan tracking
  • Updates to Ricoh OnBoard client to support 10,000+ PIN codes
  • Support for latest Canon MFD models
  • Updates to Argos Secure Release
  • Updates to Deployment Center to support latest .NET version
  • Resolved issues tracking KIP color jobs
  • Updates to HP Large Format authentication
  • UI enhancements in Argos Manager


Argos 7.6.9


  • New Integration: Track walkup scanning routed through Ricoh GlobalScan NX servers
  • New device groups created for new installations: Large Format, Do Not Track
  • Common Large Format devices automatically added to Large Format group and assigned to default square foot media
  • Common PDF writers automatically added to Do Not Track group
  • Asset tag field added to devices for enhanced reporting options
  • Color pricing enabled by default on default media types on new installations
  • Secure Release engine enabled by default in Argos Agent
  • Option to allow unauthenticated users to access HP Designjet/Pagewide panel for copying/scanning
  • Resolved issue with Canon OnBoard tracking
  • Improved Xerox OnBoard error logging capabilities
  • Resolved issue with Communication Service showing incorrect number of connections
  • Resolved issue in Argos Manager when attempting to delete an unsaved media


Argos 7.6.8


  • HP adapter tracks by Print Categories
  • Pending jobs can be sorted by the device column
  • Default SQL query includes "WHERE IsAllocated = 1"
  • The Cancelled Jobs Report can be exported to a CSV
  • Default date selection in Reports/data filter will be "Billed" instead of "Tracked"
  • When upgrading, the original installation path is remembered instead of always reinstalling in c:\program files (x86)\sepialine
  • All components use .NET 4.6.0 
  • Walkup Authentication for HP PageWide XL devices 
  • Ships with SQL Express 2012 instead of 2008
  • Updates to Argos OnBoard for Ricoh user interface
  • Multi-tier Favorites/Recently used codes selection improvements
  • Resolved issue where Desktop Client reappears briefly after recording jobs or snoozing
  • Resolved Manager crash issue when SMTP is not properly configured
  • Support for updated KIP System K log format
  • Keyboard focus appears in name field when creating new group
  • Resolved issue with incomplete print spool files being processed for a long time
  • Manager search optimization
  • Resolved “Garbage Print” issue seen with some Global Print implementations
  • “No permissions” message in Manager updated to be more useful
  • “Database mismatch” message in Manager updated to be more useful
  • “License expired” message in Manager updated to be more useful


 Argos 7.6.6

Released 3/23/2016

  • Reduced the time between jobs appearing in Communication Service and Desktop Client notification appearing
  • Resolved issue with Scheduled Email Reports failing to be sent
  • Changed Report Filter categories to be alphabetically organized
  • Improved performance of User Import field selection
  • Improved performance of User Import
  • Added Argos OnBoard support for latest Ricoh MFP models
  • Improved scalability and performance of Xerox OnBoard service
  • Updated Argos Agent to handle "quarantined" spool files more efficiently


Argos 7.6.5


  • Optimized Communication Service to be 10x more efficient when sending project lists to Desktop Clients
  • Optimized Desktop Client to retrieve project lists, select favorites/recently used, search, and click "Record" quicker than before
  • Add "spinny circle" in the Desktop Client UI so if it does take a long time to retrieve a project list, select a favorite, click record, etc, the user will have some feedback that the software is working


Argos 7.6.4



  • Performance improvements in Communication Service
  • Performance improvements in Desktop Client "Up to 7 Days Old" option added to Desktop Client Job History editing
  • French language support in Desktop Client
  • Updates to Argos OnBoard for Xerox adapter to handle large numbers of devices communicating with a single service
  • Support for Deltek Vision 7.5 in Deltek Round Trip integration
  • 7-day and 14-day filtering options in Reports and Data
  • Biweekly scheduling for Automated Reporting via email
  • Support for walkup copies in HP Designjet adapter
  • Support for eCopy PDF printing in Argos OnBoard for Canon adapter
  • Fixed issues with adjusting oversized jobs in warnings dialog
  • Fixed issue with Deltek Vision adapter configuration


Argos 7.6.3



  • Added User Group Filtering feature to Xerox OnBoard Adapter (It includes a way to limit which user groups are pushed to a Xerox OnBoard device.)


Argos 7.6.2


  • Added expanded support for Canon imagePROGRAF devices in Argos Tracking Agent


Argos 7.6.1


User Interface improvements to Argos OnBoard for Konica Minolta
Updates to Argos OnBoard for Sharp to address color tracking issue seen with some models
Updates to Argos OnBoard for Xerox to address .NET 4.0 compatibility issue


Argos 7.6.0


  • New Argos OnBoard for Canon client with pre-billing feature
  • New Argos OnBoard for Xerox client with proximity card login feature
  • Support for latest Sharp devices with Argos OnBoard for Sharp
  • New Opcenter Plotworks adapter with batch logging support
  • Support for fully-qualified usernames in Oce adapter
  • Support for Oce Colorwave 500,700 and 900 devices


Argos 7.5.9


New Features:

  • Updated Argos OnBoard for Canon adapter with Pre-billing option
  • Updated Argos OnBoard for Xerox adapter with Proximity card login option
  • Updated Oce adapter includes support for fully-qualified username option from WPD driver

Enhancements and fixes:

  • Resolved issue with duplicate temporary files caused by Argos Agent color detection
  • Resolved issue with Desktop Client timeout and connection problem
  • Resolved issue with memory leak in Argos Agent
  • Resolved issue with Oce jobs tracked with wrong username
  • Various performance enhancements to Argos Communication Service and Argos Agent

Argos 7.5.8


  • Argos Release Station
  • Argos Onboard for Ricoh support Java 11.x and 12.x devices
  • License usage clarification

Enhancements and bug fixes:


  • Report generation performance optimization
  • Expired Support License message removed from dashboard
  • Support for print jobs with no username in Argos Agent
  • Support for print jobs with no username in Oce adapter
  • Argos OnBoard for Xerox Secure Release issue on Xerox 560 resolved
  • Active Directory User Import group selection issue resolved
  • Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) Agent restart issue resolved
  • Argos OnBoard for Xerox licensing issue resolved
  • KIP adapter tracking issue with Chinese characters resolved
  • KIP adapter metric size tracking issue resolved

Argos 7.5.7


  • Updates to 3CX Phone Tracking adapter to support incoming phone call tracking
  • Updates to EFI Fiery adapter to resolve licensing issue.

Argos 7.5.6


  • New Cisco CallManager version 4 Phone Tracking adapter
  • Updates to Konica Minolta, Toshiba and Xerox services to improve reliability
  • Global Print changes to better support domain-less prints

Argos 7.5.5


  • Updates to CREO Color RIP Server adapter
  • Updates to EFI Fiery RIP Server adapter
  • Updates to Argos Agent
  • Updates to Integration Service
  • Desktop Client now shows which communication service is used in taskbar

Argos 7.5.4


  • User import from CSV and Active Directory updated
  • Oce Plotwave Scan to file tracking updated
  • Konica Minolta fax tracking updated
  • HP Color Laserjet grayscale print tracking updated
  • Chinese language support
  • Various updates to Argos print tracking

Argos 7.5.3


  • Support for Oce Wave Accounting
  • Support for Oce Plotwave 750
  • Updated Argos OnBoard for Konica Minolta
  • Updated Argos Integration Service to address issues with Window Volume Licensing
  • Updated Argos Agent to address Server 2012 issues
  • Updated Argos OnBoard for HP
  • Updated Argos OnBoard for Kyocera

Argos 7.5.2


  • Update Oce Adapter to support the latest Plotwave devices (Plotwave 340, Plotwave 360)
  • Update Deployment Center to fully support Argos 7.5 Client
  • Update Agent Installation and Upgrade process
  • Updated branding in Argos Manager and installation screens

Argos 7.5.1


New features:

  • Kyocera Mita OnBoard Copy Tracking - Enable PIN code and proximity card authentication on the panel of Kyocera Mita MFPs, and track all walkup activity in Argos.
  • 3D Systems ZPrinter adapter - Track 3D printing directly in Argos.
  • 3CX VOIP Phone System adapter - Track phone calls from 3CX phone systems in Argos.
  • EFI PrintMe Mobile integration - Use Argos PIN codes as the user authentication method for iOS and Android printing via PrintMe Mobile.
  • Multiple PIN codes per user - PIN code and proximity card ID can now be different values


  • Print Tracking Agent - Now supports Windows 8 and Server 2012
  • Mac Desktop Client - Search improvements, minor UI changes
  • EFI Fiery adapter - Support for latest EFI firmware versions
  • Streamlined Argos Agent configuration - Reduces complexity when upgrading
  • Argos Manager performance enhancements - Updates to page load time, report filtering and more
  • Standardization on .NET 4 - Some older components used .NET 3.5. Updating everything to use .NET 4 means increased performance and fewer dependencies during installation.

Argos 7.4.6


  • Xerox adapter enhancements
  • The Xerox adapter has been modified to provide better support for the latest models.

Argos 7.4.5


Delete Favorites

Our customers asked for this feature, and we have delivered. You can now remove favorites from the list in the Windows Desktop Client. We will be adding this feature to the Mac Desktop Client in a future release.

Require Comments for Status Codes

Another popular customer request has made it into Argos - you can now require a user to enter comments based on the status code that was selected.

PLP Improvements

This release has support for the newest PLP log file format.

Argos 7.4.4


Konica Minolta Improvements

There have been several major improvements to the Konica Minolta adapter. These changes make this release an almost mandatory upgrade for every customer who owns a Konica.

Windows User Authentication

Konica Minolta has a special driver with works with Argos to allow authentication by the Windows user name. This means that, with the correct driver, you no longer have to define a PIN in the driver to get Argos print tracking to work with Konica Minolta machines. Users still need to be defined in Argos before they are authorized to print.

File Name Reporting

One of the most common complaints we have heard about our Konica Minolta tracking was our inability to report the file name for print jobs. We worked closely with the developers over at Konica Minolta and are happy to announce that, as of this release, this long outstanding problem will no longer be an issue.

Proximity Card Support

We now support some brands of proximity card readers for Konica Minolta. In a feature exclusive to Konica Minolta users, users are allowed to map their PIN to their proximity card - eliminating the need to have a PIN that matches the value reported by the card.

Job Type Tracking Options

Another feature we added due to customer demand, the Konica Minolta adapter now has the ability to turn on and off tracking for specific job types. This will allow managers to merge print queues and Fiery adapters into the Konica Minolta without users being double billed.

Employee Number Authentication

The Konica Minolta OnBoard adapter now allows people to log in with their Employee Number. Please note, a PIN still needs to be defined for every user who is allowed to access the device.

Shared Fiery Addresses

Certain Konica Minolta models that have integrated Fiery devices use the Fiery IP address for the Konica jobs. We have modified the Konica Minolta adapter so that this feature is fully supported in Argos.

Toshiba OnBoard

Sepialine is happy to announce the arrival of an OnBoard adapter that works with Toshiba e-BRIDGE Open Platform devices. See this web page for more information about e-BRIDGE devices.

Deltek Vision Web Service Import

As Deltek moves towards a cloud based model, Sepialine is moving with them. Argos 7 is now able to import projects directly from Deltek Vision accounts on the web.

Improved Multiple Monitor support

We have listened to our customer's feedback on how the Argos agent works in a multiple monitor environment and have added an option which could make your life easier. You can now limit the agent to a single monitor, allowing to keep working on your other screens while the billing dialog is being shown.

Canon OnBoard

This release includes a new Canon OnBoard client which supports the latest Canon devices.

Mac Multiple User support

The Mac client has been upgraded so it now supports machines that have multiple users logged on at the same time.

Fiery adapter

The Fiery adapter has been updated to fully support the latest models and firmware versions.

Argos 7.4.3


Ricoh SDK/J 10+

Sepialine is happy to announce the arrival of a new adapter, designed to work with the newest line of Ricoh office devices. Changes to the underlying machine architecture allowed us to add in some long requested features - such as print tracking, paper size support and an easy install process that will have you up and running in minutes.

Project Import From File

This has long been a feature in Argos, but the lack of built-in ODBC support in the new 64 bit operating systems meant our customers had to jump through some hoops we really did not like. The project import from file functionality has been changed so it is built in to Argos, making the process much simpler than it was before. Best of all, people who set up ODBC on their system will find that everything still works just the way they have come to expect.

Faster Manager Start Up

Several of our customers expressed the desire to have Manager take less time starting up. Our development team listened to those requests and optimized Argos Manager for speed, allowing you to get to the data you need even quicker.

Remember Last Status Code

One popular feature request has been for the ability to have the desktop client remember the last status code used when billing a job. That functionality has been placed int his release and can be accessed through the user group properties.

Argos 7.4.2


Cancelled Jobs Report

Argos now provides a way for you to see how much money you are saving by implementing rules and secure release. The cancelled jobs report lets you see all of the print jobs that were created but never printed.

QR Codes

Both our iOS and Android mobile clients are now capable of scanning QR Codes to release secure print jobs. You can print QR codes for each of your secure release devices from the Argos Manager. Devices without cameras can enter in the numeric code associated with the printer to release jobs.

Auto-release of Single Jobs

When using our mobile release clients, printers that only have a single job pending will release the job as soon as they are selected.

Argos 7.4.1


Job History

Ever bill a job to an incorrect project? With the new Job History feature you can now open up a window from your desktop client which lets you correct any mistake you made billing a job.

This feature is a result of the great feedback we have been getting from our customers, so keep those ideas coming!

Xerox Creo

This old favorite has been reintroduced in Argos 7. If you have a Xerox Creo in your office that you want to track jobs for than this is the release for you.

Argos 7.4.0



Sepialine is proud to announce the introduction of Rules to Argos. Rules allow an administrator to further extend their control over their printing environment. One good example of a rule that Argos allows you to create is one that intercepts black and white jobs sent to a color printer and redirects them to a black and white printer - thus saving your company money. Another example would be a rule that automatically deletes print jobs that are over 100 pages long.

The functionality of Rules will be expanded over the next several releases. We encourage our customers to provide feedback as to how rules work for them and what additional features they would like to see.


The Fiery adapter has been enhanced to support most of the features available in high end Fiery models.


The Xerox adapter now supports a wider range of product models.

Argos 7.3.4


Require Comments For Specific Projects

Administrators can now require that users specify comments when billing to designated projects. This requirement is set at the top level of a project and will apply to all levels of billing. With the addition of this feature, comment requirements can now be defined for devices, users, and projects.

Integration Service Maintenance Dialog

The Integration Server Maintenance Dialog is a sneak preview of some of the upcoming Argos features. The window allows users to see the current status of all of their integration services, and provides a central location to view their health. Users can also use this dialog to retire servers that have been taken out of commission.

Argos 7.3.3


Android Release Client

We are proud to announce our first application for the Android operating system. This application allows users to manage print jobs from their Android phone or tablet, and takes full advantage of our Secure Release and Global Release functionality.

Argos 7.3.2


Vision Export Improvements

We have added several small, but important, features to our already robust Vision exporter. This release adds support for currencies, which will simplify the lives of our customers that do business in multiple countries. We also added several rule categories, which will allow for even more control of the accounting categories jobs are assigned to.

Improved Océ Printer Support

This release offers support for three new models of Océ printers: the ColorWave 650, the PlotWave 350 and the PlotWave 900.

Xerox Global Print

We are excited to announce that we now offer Global Print support for all of our Xerox customers. Global Print allows users to sent their documents to one printer and retrieve it from any location. This feature is especially useful when one of the devices in your office is tied up printing a large job.

Cluster Printing Improvements

Our development team has re-engineered cluster printer tracking to make it easier to set up and more responsive when a node in the cluster fails.

HP DesignJet Improvements

We now support a wider range of HP DesignJet models and firmware versions.

Argos 7.3.1


Keyboard project searching

We have added functionality which allows a user to search the projects list by typing the project number they want. This allows rapid, natural searching which can bring you to exactly the project once.

To use this functionality, simply select the project list and start typing. To search for another project, simply wait a few seconds then start typing again.

New print queue interface

The print queue settings dialog has been redesigned to be simpler and more intuitive. Settings are now stored in the database, which makes it easier to manage print servers that are spread over several offices.

Please note that local tracking mode has been included for backwards compatibility, but we recommend that our customers do not use this option. We plan on removing the option in a future release of Argos 7.

Track After Release

This feature allows any printer, not just multi-function printers to hold prints using our Secure Release and Global Print Team functionality. How do you release the job when there is no interface on the printer? We're glad you asked....

iOS release client

The first of many planned Sepialine applications for the iPhone allows users to release print jobs from their phone. Any device you own can now be set to only print jobs when you are standing in front of it - which reduces waste and increases security. The iOS release client also supports Global Print Team functionality, allowing you to redirect your print if the device you sent it to is busy.

Konica Minolta event tracking

Long time users of Konica Minolta MFPs know that you had to log out after every job to ensure accurate tracking. Working with the Konica engineers we have come up with a way around this limitation. You can now use the multi-function printer the same way you use every other device we support.

Konica Minolta Secure Release

You can now release held jobs directly from the touchscreen on your Konica Minolta. Supports both Secure Release and Global Print Teams.

New Keypad copier interface

The properties dialog for Keypad copiers has been simplified, and now uses device group media like all of our other paper adapters.

Canon MFP client

A new Canon MFP client has been included in this release. This client supports a wider range of Canon models.

Argos 7.3.0


Sharp Global Printing

Users with multiple Sharp MFPs are now able to send a print job to one machine then release it on another. Allows users to avoid waiting for a machine to finish a large print run, and is useful when printers are separated by large distances.

Sharp Hybrid Logon

Provides an extra layer of logon security for Sharp MFPs. Users who enter a PIN must then enter their domain password before they are granted access to the machine.

Scheduled Reports

Users can now set up a scheduled task which will email a PDF containing Argos report results. Reports will be automatically generated hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Version Notification

Argos Manager will now notify users when a new version of Argos 7 is available for download. It is a convenient way to get access to the latest features and advancements.

Argos 7.2.3


  • Repro Desk Studio status mapping

Argos 7.2.2


  • Sharp Secure Release
  • Improved Active Directory import 
  • Client batching for mixed mode jobs

Argos 7.2.1


  • Secure release for Xerox 
  • Transition to .NET 4 for Manager and server components

Argos 7.2.0


  • Canon Secure Release
  • Sharp Single Sign On
  • Pcounter

Argos 7.1.5


  • NEC phone switch tracking

Argos 7.1.4


  • EMF Color Detection
  • Performance improvements

Argos 7.1.3


  • Performance improvements for large spool files and high-volume print servers

Argos 7.1.2


  • Added HTTPS communication between Desktop Client and Communication Service
  • PIN-only (no username) option for Océ software connector

Argos 7.1.1


  • Added part numbers to Medias

Argos 7.1.0


  • Substantial changes to Media to accommodate intrinsic color / black-and-white handling. Costs and charges are now set separately for each.
  • Color detection in native Windows print tracking.
  • Changes to most software connectors to strip out explicit color / black-and-white handling, as Media now accommodates the concept.
  • User aliasing allows multiple identities to be ganged into a single Argos user.
  • Billing periods allow you to set a day of the month for report and data filtering purposes.
  • Active Directory user import.
  • Favorites drawer position (open / closed) is now "sticky."
  • New Argos OnBoard for Sharp user interface.

Argos 7.0.11


  • Argos OnBoard for HP
  • New problem resolution feature for oversize and unknown paper size conditions

Argos 7.0.10


  • Phone tracking
  • Copy and scan jobs separated
  • Xerox page impression tracking
  • Konica Minolta improvements for tracking Public User
  • Improvements for Repro Desk Studio integration
  • Revised reports

Argos 7.0.9


  • Repro Desk 1.6 adapter
  • Domain support for KIP adapters
  • New home page design
  • HP DesignJet adapter
  • Print engine enhancements for user tracking
  • Scheduled Export improvements

Argos 7.0.8


  • Argos Embedded for Xerox
  • New version of Argos Embedded for Konica Minolta
  • New version of Argos for KIP

Argos 7.0.6


  • New version of Argos OnBoard for Canon MEAP, which includes support for Canon imageRUNNER Advance devices
  • Argos OnBoard for Ricoh, which lets you track copying on compatible Ricoh MFPs
  • Manual Entry lets you add arbitrary records to your Argos database, which is ideal if you have a staffed mail or print room, or if you do a lot of "analog" activity like stapling, binding, covers...things that aren't captured with ordinary print tracking
  • Support for Smart Clicks on the Océ ColorWave 600
  • The Argos Desktop Client for Mac gets Favorites
  • Improved tracking for Adobe Creative Suite applications on Mac
  • Multiple Deltek Round Trip connections
  • Project synchronization for Océ Repro Desk Studio
  • MSI installers for network deployments

Argos 7.0.5


  • Upgrading from previous versions of Argos 7
  • Scheduled user import from file
  • Canon scan tracking
  • Multiple integration servers
  • Multiple Oce Repro Desk adapters
  • Numerous bug, cosmetic, and minor functionality fixes

Argos 7.0.4


  • Improved Canon OnBoard offline capability
  • Added proximity card support for Canon
  • Added a web page from which all files stored on disk on the Canon can be downloaded
  • Can now detect which server a Canon OnBoard device is communicating with
  • Support for Canon ADVANCE series devices
  • Added https support to Sharp OnBoard
  • Custom SQL Exporter
  • Ability to define default global sort order for Projects in DtC
  • Name column in activity
  • Substitute is now offered when user deletes status code that is referenced
  • Displays the IP or hostname the Argos OnBoard software is connected to
  • Added license key file import
  • Added color detection to EFI Fiery connector
  • EFI Fiery adapter should backup historical logs and continuously archive data
  • Can now unhook one Konica Minolta device and keep other hooked
  • Enforces domain name in users
  • Numerous bug, cosmetic, and minor functionality fixes
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