Enabling authentication for KIP IPS series controllers

KIP IPS Controller Configuration

  1. Log in on the panel as an administrator. The default username/password is admin/kip
  2. Click the Help button                                                                               
  3. Click the Service button                                                                        
  4. Enter the administrative password. The default password is "8675309". Jenny, I got your number.                                                                      
  5. On the Service Configuration window, click Username Required and Password Required                                                                               
  6. Click OK
  7. Log out. At this point, your KIP controller should show a list of usernames and one project code - RouteToDesktop. To make a copy or scan, select your username, enter your pin, select RouteToDesktop and click OK.                    
  8. To Log Out, click the Log Out button                                                       


The Argos OnBoard for KIP connector can now be configured.

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