Users Unable to Access Sharp OSA Functions

Argos has the ability to lock down function access to Sharp MFPs that are running Argos Onboard.  This feature access is very granular and powerful, but in some cases it will not allow users to use certain functionality by default.

If you’ve recently updated or installed Argos Onboard on your Sharp and users are not able to access certain features such as scanning or finishing when they log in at the glass. Here’s what you can do to get them access right away

First, double-click on the user’s group in Argos Manager’s “Users” tab.  It is important to note that “Everyone” is not a user group, but just a catch-all for all users.

Once you have the user group properties open, select the “Device Access” tab.


Check the “Advanced Feature Access” checkbox, select “check all” and then hit “OK” to save your changes.


The users will automatically be able to access the features within 15 minutes or so, but if you wish to get them instant access you can cycle the Argos Onboard for Sharp service on your Argos server.


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