Automated Billing Code Import Issues

Occasionally our customers will have issues with their new billing codes not updating automatically.


In the event that your automated Argos project import is not pulling in new codes from your accounting system, here are the first three things to check.


Is the Argos Integration Service that executes your project import in a “started” state and properly mapped?


An automated project import is carried out by an Argos Integration service that is installed on a computer on your network.  By browsing to “view>settings>task executors”, you can see a complete list of all your Argos Integration services on your network along with the last time they were active.  


If you see an executor that was last seen more than an hour ago, the chances are you simply need to log on to the server listed and start the Argos Integration Service there.  If you see a duplicate or decommissioned server listed, you can “retire” that service and automatically re-map any tasks (such as your project import) that were associated with it.


It’s also possible that the mapping in your project import is set for the wrong Argos Integration Service.  If you open the project import settings, you can even hover over the mapped integration service and see when it was last active.



If you are importing from a SQL accounting database, do the project import settings use a SQL login rather than Windows/NT security?


Because Argos Integration Service runs as the local system account when it connects for a SQL import, we absolutely must use a SQL login to retrieve billing codes on a schedule.  



A manual import will work with NT credentials, but then fail when automated because the Local System account on your Argos server does not have access to your SQL instance.


Has your accounting database been moved or have the login credentials changed?


If you have moved your accounting database to another server, changed the SQL username/password or changed the database name, you will need to update that information accordingly in the project import settings.   (include screenshot here of import settings)

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