How To Tell Where Your Printer Is Spooling

When a printer is tracked through Argos Windows Print Tracking rather than direct integration with a printer, it is important to know which computer the printer is spooling on.  This knowledge is essential both for installing the print tracking component and for troubleshooting issues with the tracking.


The name of the printer is often a very good indicator of where the printer spools.  If, for instance, you are printing from the workstation and you see “HP Laserjet on SERVER2012” as the printer name in Windows Control Panel>devices and printers there, it is very likely that your prints are spooling on a server called “SERVER2012”.

To be absolutely sure, you can pause the print queue on a computer you suspect the print is spooling on and then send a test page.  If this is truly the server/workstation where spooling is occurring, you will see the job stop in the paused queue.


To pause the queue, simply right click on the printer in Windows Control Panel>Devices and Printers and select “see what’s printing”, then choose “pause printing” within the window that opens up for the printer.

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