How do I change a user’s PIN code?

In environments where Argos is tracking walkup activity (copy, scan, fax, etc) on MFPs or large format devices, a PIN code is typically used to access the device. PIN codes are also used for Secure Release and Global Print settings.

To change the PIN code for a particular user, follow these steps:

  1. Open Argos Manager
  2. Click "Users" tab
  3. Find the user either by looking through groups or typing their name in the "search users" box
  4. Double-click to bring up their properties
  5. Click "general" tab
  6. Change value in "PIN" field
  7. Click "OK"

For most devices, this change should take effect within 15 minutes. In cases where we are uploading a list of codes directly to the device (Oce, KIP, Xerox OnBoard, for example) on a set schedule, the changes will appear after the next user sync is completed.

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