How do I give a user access to the Argos Manager?

When Argos is installed, all users in the Default group have full access to the Argos Manager. It is common to remove access rights from the default group and instead create a specific group that will be able to access the Manager.

In some organizations, access to the Reports & Data section is given to accounting users, full access to all section are granted to the IT staff, and regular users have no access.

Since Argos permissions are group-based, to allow Manager access to a specific user, just move them into a group that already has the desired permissions level, or create a new group and grant it specific access.

  1. Open the Argos Manager and click "Users"
  2. Double-click the user group you'd like to edit
  3. Click"Permissions"
  4. Choose "Can Administer Argos Manager (full permissions) or "Access specific parts of Argos Manager"
  5. Click "OK"
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