How do I allow a user to only see reports and data in Argos Manager?

Access to the Argos Manager can be dangerous - especially in larger organizations when many users may need to access different sections. Inadvertent changes to settings can cause big headaches later on.  If you have users who only need to see one section of the Manager (Reports and Data, for example), you can hide all other sections from them.

Since Argos permissions are group-based, to allow Manager access to a specific user, just move them into a group that already has the desired permissions level, or create a new group and grant it specific access.

  1. Open the Argos Manager and click "Users"
  2. Double-click the user group you'd like to edit
  3. Click"Permissions"
  4. Choose "Access specific parts of Argos Manager"
  5. Check the "Reports and Data" box, leave others unchecked
  6. Click "OK"
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