Windows Disk Quota Management may interfere with Argos print tracking

If Windows Disk Quota Management is enabled with a low threshold on a print server, you may run into print tracking issues.

Argos print tracking makes a copy of each print spool file as it is generated, and processes it independently of the print spooler. However, some spool files can be very large, so if there is not enough free hard disk space to copy the spool files, Argos only reads the header information from the file. The default setting in Argos is to stop process spool files if there is 1GB or less free space on the system drive.

The Windows Disk Quota system allows administrators to limit how much space each individual user can access on a server, regardless of how much actual free space actually exists on the drive.

These two concepts come into conflict with each other when the Disk Quota is set to 1GB or less per user. In a Windows domain environment, the Windows user on each workstation hands the spool file information to the server's print spooler, and therefore is impacted by the Disk Quota. If the Argos minimum allowed space is 1GB, and the Disk Quota is 1GB, Argos will not make a copy of the spool file as a safety precaution.

Argos can get a lot of information from the print spooler header, such as filename, total number of pages, username, etc. However, accurate color detection is not possible without analyzing the spool file directly, and occasionally page dimensions and copy count can be incorrect.

If Windows Disk Quota Management must be enabled, set it to a higher threshold, such as 2GB per user.

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