How do I add UTBMS codes to my activity?

Legal firms often use UTBMS codes to assign uniform costs to expenses.

The standard UTBMS expense codes are:

  • E101 Copying
  • E102 Outside printing
  • E103 Word processing
  • E104 Facsimile
  • E105 Telephone
  • E106 Online research
  • E107 Delivery services/messengers
  • E108 Postage
  • E109 Local travel
  • E110 Out-of-town travel
  • E111 Meals
  • E112 Court fees
  • E113 Subpoena fees
  • E114 Witness fees
  • E115 Deposition transcripts
  • E116 Trial transcripts
  • E117 Trial exhibits
  • E118 Litigation support vendors
  • E119 Experts
  • E120 Private investigators
  • E121 Arbitrators/mediators
  • E122 Local counsel
  • E123 Other professionals
  • E124 Other

While any of these codes can be entered into Argos using Manual Entry, the most commonly-used UTBMS codes in Argos are:

  • E101 Copying
  • E102 Outside printing
  • E104 Facsimile
  • E105 Telephone

To define a UTBMS code in Argos, browse to Media & Costing, and enter the codes in the SKU column for your media.

More details can found in the Argos 7 Media & Costing section of our online documentation.

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