Argos Installer Launcher MSI rejected by digital signature policy

When running the Argos Installer Launcher (UnpackArgos_7_xx.exe) on some Windows 2003 or XP computers, the installation may fail with the following message:

Product: Argos 7 Installers -- Error 1718.File C:\WINDOWS\Installer\49b22bbf.msi was rejected by digital signature policy.

 This error can occur in certain Windows configurations when installing a large Windows Installer package. UnpackArgos_7_xx.exe is larger than 400mb and can trigger this error. 

To resolve on Server 2003:

Download the hotfix provided by Microsoft:

To resolve on Windows XP:

Microsoft does not have a fix for this issue on Windows XP. If you experience this issue on Windows XP, the best option is to run UnpackArgos_7_xx.exe on a different computer, and then copy the created folder (c:\Argos7Installers) back to the XP computer.

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