Configuring Argos for tracking in a Windows Workgroup environment

Argos is designed to run in an environment with a Windows Active Directory domain structure. But what about smaller companies that might not have a Windows domain? There are a few methods for tracking effectively in a Windows Workgroup environment.

The main challenges of a workgroup environment revolve around Windows usernames. In a domain, each user is unique, and universally known. In a workgroup, you may have a user named "Bob" on every single computer, but it is not the same user. In a domain, there can be only one Bob.

If Bob prints to a print server in the same domain, the print server knows exactly who Bob is. In a workgroup, there might be yet another local user on a print server named Bob that is not related to any of the Bobs on the workstations. The print server will allow the print to pass, but will remove the username and assign it to "Adminstrator", "Guest" or some other local user on the server. Argos sees the user that the print server reports, so these jobs won't make it back to the user's desktop for billing.

There are a few different methods for handling this issue.

  • Have every user print through local print queues on their workstations
  • Configure Argos to discard the username and track exclusively based on computer name 


Local Printing

In a setup with only a handful of users, this is often the simplest solution. Bypass the print server, install Argos print tracking on each workstation, and you're set. The job will be recorded with the local user's computer and local username. 

  1. From the local workstations, browse to \\YOURSERVER\Argos7Installers and open SetupLauncher.exe
  2. Check "Print Tracking" and "Desktop Billing Client"
  3. Click "Install Selected Components"


Local Printing in a Workgroup Limitations

This method is supported for most Argos print tracking methods (Argos OnBoard and integration adapters) if the local usernames are unique. If two or more users have the same username on their local computers, only Windows tracking is supported.


Computer name Tracking

Argos records both the Windows username and computer name for print jobs tracked via Windows tracking. When the print spooler is overriding the Windows username in a workgroup/print server environment, it is possible to discard the username completely and identify the job based on the computer that submitted it.

  1. On the computer running the Argos Communication service, browse to c:\Program Files (x86)\Sepialine\Argos7\Communication
  2. Open AppServer.Communication.Service.exe.config in Notepad
  3. Locate this line: 

    <add key="UserNameDiscardFilter" value=""></add>
  4. Enter the username that appears when jobs are submitted through the server in the value field:

    <add key="UserNameDiscardFilter" value="administrator"></add>
  5. Save and close the file
  6. Click Start>Run and type "Services.msc" to open the Services dialog
  7. Restart the Argos Communication Service
Any print job that Argos sees with "administrator" as the username will be changed to have no username. Any user who logs onto the computer that originally sent the print job will be prompted to bill the job, and their username will be assigned to the job.
Computer Name Tracking Limitations

Computer name Tracking is not compatible with Argos OnBoard, any Argos integration adapters, or Secure Release/Global Print. This workaround is supported only in Windows Tracking environments.

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