503 Service Unavailable status code appears when installing Xerox Global Print


When installing or uninstalling Global Print on a Xerox MFP device, the following message appears:

"503 Service Unavailable"


This message appears when the Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) is not properly enabled on the Xerox device. To resolve, enabled "Extensible Service Registration" in the "Extensible Service Setup" section of your Xerox MFP.


  1. Open a web browser and point it to the IP address of your Xerox MFP
  2. Browse to Properties > General Setup > Extensible Service Setup
  3. Click the "Edit..." button next to "Extensible Services Registration"
  4. Check the box next to "Extensible Service Registration"
  5. Click "Apply"

These instructions are specific to Xerox 73xx and 74xx - series devices. 

Prompted for a password?

Try admin/1111 or 1111/x-admin as the username/password combinations if you are unsure of your administrator credentials.

What is Argos OnBoard for Xerox?

Argos OnBoard for Xerox automatically uploads new users to your Xerox MFP, enables Secure Release and Global Print functionality, and tracks all copy, print and scan activity. 

Learn more about Argos OnBoard for Xerox.

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