Installing Argos OnBoard for Canon on an ImageRunner Advance model

The Argos OnBoard for Canon MEAP application needs to be installed on your Canon device prior to configuring the adapter in Argos. The following instructions apply to Canon ImageRunner Advance models.

  1. Browse to http://YOURCANONIPADDRESS:8000/sms
    Note: You may be redirected to https://YOURCANONIPADDRESS:8443/sms if SSL is enabled.
  2. Type MeapSmsLogin in password field and click "Log In"
  3. Click System Management > Enhanced System Application Management
  4. At the bottom of this page, click the "Browse" button next to "Enhanced System Application File Path"
  5. Browse to c:\Argos7Installers\Canon and choose "Argos OnBoard_7.1.0.0.jar" (note - file version may be slightly different)
  6. Click the "Browse" button next to "License File Path"
  7. Browse to c:\Argos7Installers\Canon and choose "SEP-" (note - file version may be slightly different)
  8. Click "Install"
  9. Click "Yes" on the following page to confirm installation
  10. "Argos OnBoard" will now appear in the Login Service menu. Click "SWITCH". The status will change to "Start after Restart".
  11. Reboot the Canon MFP
  12. When the device reboots, you will need to associate the device with your Argos server by clicking the "Associate with Server" button in the Argos OnBoard for Canon settings in Argos Manager>Devices.

It is very important that you disable tracking on the windows/Mac queues for this device in Argos Manager to avoid double-billing from the different tracking methods moving forward.  The Canon web UI will now be locked down. To access the web UI, enter a valid Argos PIN code. If you wish to change administrative settings via the web UI, enter an Argos PIN associated with a user set as an Argos administrator.

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