Enabling HTTPS on a Konica Minolta MFP

To install Argos OnBoard for Konica Minolta, HTTPS mode must be enabled. Follow these steps to enable HTTPS on a Konica Minolta device:

  1. Browse to the IP address of your Konica Minolta device
  2. Select the radio button next to Administrator and click Login
  3. A password prompt will be presented. Contact your Konica Minolta rep if you are unsure of the password on your printer.
  4. You may see the text: SSL is not set-up. Please set up SSL after admin logins to secure safety of the information in red at the bottom of the screen. This means you do not currently have an SSL certificate, and will need to create one.
  5. Click OK
  6. In the KM Web Connection menu, select the green "lock" icon, then browse to PKI Settings > Certificate Verification Settings
  7. Set the Certificate Verification Settings drop down list to "OFF". Click "OK" to save the setting change.                                                  Konica.png
  8. Select PKI Settings > Device Certificate Setting.
  9. Select the radio button next to "Create and install a self-signed Certificate."
  10. Click OK
  11. Fill out all fields requested on the form. We recommend setting the "Validity Period" to the maximum (3650 days) to ensure that the certificate will not expire.
  12. Click OK
  13. "Certificate is being created. Please wait" message will appear on the screen.
  14. "Certificate has been created and installed. SSL/TLS can now be used. (After OK is clicked, SSL Mode setting will be available.)" message will appear on the screen.
  15. Click OK
  16. "There is a problem with this website's security certificate" message will appear. You can disregard this message. Click "Continue to this website (not recommended)."
  17. In the KM Web connection menu, click the Orange "box" icon to access the network settings. Click OpenAPI Setting.
  18. Set "Use SSL/TLS" to SSL/TLS
  19. Click OK
  20. In the KM Web connection menu, click the Orange "box" icon to access the network settings. Click TCP Socket Setting.
  21. Check box next to "Use SSL/TLS"
  22. Click OK
  23. Click Logout
  24. Reboot the Konica Minolta device

*If your KM device has a Fiery controller, please note that the KM will require a different IP address from the Fiery itself. Please contact your KM representative if the device is not properly configured.

*For production devices such as the C3070, you may need to perform an additional step at the panel in order to allow for OpenAPI communication:

Press the Utility/counter button, then on the display follow these tabs:

Admin Settings > System Connection > OpenAPI settings > Access Setting.



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