Installing Argos OnBoard for Kyocera using Net Admin

The standard method of installing an embedded application on a Kyocera MFP involves physically connecting a portable USB drive, then manually installing the application from the drive. In an environment with many Kyocera devices, this can take a long time. Kyocera offers a utility called Net Admin that can remotely install an embedded application on multiple devices. Net Admin can provide information many different types of MFPs, but has extra features only available with Kyocera devices.

NOTE: Sepialine does not support or provide the Kyocera Net Admin utility, and these instructions are provided only as a guide. For technical issues with Kyocera Net Admin, contact your Kyocera representative.


  1.  Download and Install Kyocera Net Admin from the Kyocera website.
  2.  Login to Kyocera Net Admin using Internet Explorer or other Kyocera-compatible browsers. The default username/password is admin/admin.
  3.  Net Admin will scan your network and list any MFPs it finds. Select the first Kyocera MFP you'd like to install the application on.
  4.  Right-click on the device and choose "Manage Applications" from the menu.
  5.  Select "Install application" and check the "Activate application after installation" box.
  6.  Click "Next"
  7.  Click the "Browse" button and browse to c:\Argos7Installers\Kyocera, and select the Argos package file.
  8.  Verify the application name is correct, and click "Next"
  9.  Confirm the correct device has been selected, and click "Manage"
  10.  Verify that the application has been installed, and follow the steps from our manual to Associate the device with Argos.
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