Large Format - Oce - Repro Desk 1.6

Argos can track all data submitted through Oce Repro Desk 1.6 and its associated tools, such as Repro Desk Remote and Publisher.

Install Argos on Repro Desk 1.6 Server

Because of the security settings of Repro Desk 1.6, the Argos Application Server component will need to be installed directly on the Repro Desk server. Follow these steps to install the Application server component on your Repro Desk workstation. We recommend installing the Argos Manager as well.

.NET 4 is required on the Repro Desk 1.6 server for Argos to run properly. You can install this from Windows Update .

Configure Repro Desk settings in Argos Manager

  1. Open the Argos Manager and browse to Devices & Terminals
  2. Click the "Gear" icon and click Advanced> Oce Repro Desk Server 1.6
  3. Click Create
  4. The default directory for Oce Repro Desk logs is c:\ocerd. Do not change this unless your directory is different
  5. Define the device where Repro Desk data should be associated. We recommend creating a new device name to separate this data from other printing to your large format plotter
  6. Define a default user to be prompted if no username is entered in Repro Desk Remote/Publisher.
  7. Choose whether unbilled jobs should be routed to the user's desktop, or assigned to a default code.
  8. Click OK

Workstations with Repro Desk Remote and Oce Publisher require Argos integration to display a valid project list.  The default user and default project settings are only applicable if you are not using Argos integration on the workstations submitting to Repro Desk 1.6.Contact Sepialine Support for assistance with 1.6 client integration in Argos 7.

Using Oce Account Logic integration in tandem with Repro Desk 1.6 integration? Make sure to move the "Reprodesk" user account in Argos to the Unlicensed group. This will keep Repro Desk activity from being erroneously tracked via the Account Logic adapter.

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