Phone Tracking - Cisco CallManager 4

Cisco CallManager 4 stores records in a SQL database. The following information is required to configure a Cisco CallManager 4 adapter:

  • SQL Server name
  • SQL database name
  • SQL username
  • SQL password

Requiring user authentication on public phones

Cisco CallManager 4 supports user authentication, which allows conference room and other common area phones to require a user extension before a call can be made. 

  • Set public phones to require code entry in Cisco CallManager (refer to Cisco documentation to configure this)
  • Check "Push user extensions to database" in Argos Cisco CallManager 4 adapter
  • Enter name of SQL table where codes are stored (typically CCM0301, but can vary)
  • Checking "Delete existing user extensions" will delete the list from Cisco every time. Leave this blank if any codes are stored in CCM0301 that are not also in Argos
  • Extensions are updated once an hour. If "Force user extension push during the next execution" is checked, extensions will be pushed in the next minute.

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