What  is Argos OnBoard for HP?

Argos OnBoard for HP automatically uploads new users to your HP LaserJet MFP devices, and tracks all copy, print and scan activity. 

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Setting up Argos OnBoard for HP

To install, you will need the following:

Configuring your device to work with Argos:

Install Argos OnBoard for HP:

  1. Open Argos Manager and select the Devices & Terminals tab.                              
  2. In the Advanced Tracking section, double-click OnBoard for HP MFP.                                                                                                                                  
  3. Enter the IP address or hostname of the HP MFP.
  4. Select the package for the HP device model. Because HP device families behave differently, it's important to specify the correct model number.
  5. Select each of the three required installation packages in order, push the Install package button.  The packages should be loaded in the order listed.
  6. When prompted, enter the device password and leave the user name blank. Click OK.
  7. Press the Associate button to connect the MFP to Argos. Click OK to close the success message.
  8. Press the Fetch button next to the Serial number text box to retrieve the serial number of the device.
  9. Click the Open Authentication Manager link to open the HP MFP web page
  10. If not already logged in, click Log in and log in with your device password
  11. Click Settings>Authentication Manager
  12.  In the Sign In At Walk Up drop down list, select Argos OnBoard for HP.
  13. Click Apply and close the web browser
  14. Click OK to close the HP OnBoard connector in Argos Manager.
  15. On the Argos OnBoard for HP tab, edit the prompt text to display on the HP panel, if desired. Click the License button to apply the license key; the button text will read Unlicense when the key is applied.
  16. Click the Device Information tab and enter a device name (e.g. "HP CM3530"). Assign the HP to the appropriate Device Group, based upon the desired media (typically with a paper size or per page pricing basis). Optionally define the Location and Owner if they will be used for reports. The Color assignment (if undetected) section does not apply for Argos OnBoard connectors. Click OK to save the changes.
  17. On the HP MFP front panel, verify that authentication is now required.

Uninstalling HP OnBoard

  1. Log in to the MFP device page.  Select the Settings tab.  Select the Authentication Manager section.  Set the Sign In At Walk Up list box to None and press Apply.  
  2. Open the Package Loader web page.  Uninstall all of the packages.  Note: due to dependencies you will need to uninstall each package individually.
  3. Uninstall will not delete the Argos user cache, jobs cache, properties, or log files.

Some important things to know about the Argos OnBoard for HP:

  • Some HP devices, including the CM3530, do not support loading packages through an external UI. For these devices, click the "Open Package Loader" link in the HP OnBoard screen, and manually copy/paste the three package links into the "Enter Package URL" dialog, one at a time.
  • When using a USB proximity card reader, HP devices do not support connection or disconnection of USB devices at run time. Doing so may lock the MFP. Only connect or disconnect USB devices when the MFP is off.
  • When using a proximity card reader, Argos only supports numeric card ID values. Argos does not support alpha characters in card IDs.
  • When changing between keypad or prox card modes, you may need to refresh the MFP screen. This can be done by pressing the "Clear" soft button, "Reset" hard button, or attempting to log in (with a valid or invalid PIN).

Supported Models

HP LaserJet OnBoard is supported on HP devices that are Chai enabled. Click here to see the current list of supported HP devices.

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